What You Need To Know About Corporate Tents

When planning any type of corporate event, be it a BBQ or a simple meeting, you should rent a corporate tent. Canopies help you in staying organized throughout the event. They also give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about the awful weather.

What you should know about corporate tents

The tents come in different sizes, colors and designs. You only need to choose the right one for your needs. When renting, you only need to visit your local party rentals and place your order. The size of tent depends on the number of guests that you are hoping to host. Obviously, when you are expecting many people you should go for a large tent and vice versa. The tent designs have a great impact on how your event looks. The most common designs are square and round. If having a few guests you should go for the round tents but if hosting many people go for the square tents. The cool thing with these tents is that they give the impression of space and make all visitors feel included.

If you have never put up the tents before you should avoid doing it as you will most likely do it the wrong way especially if the tent is large. To have an easy time you should rent from tent rentals that will help you with the installation and removal of the tents.

Corporate tent extras

It’s always recommended that you fully arm yourself to ensure that you have a great time with your corporate tent. The best way of arming yourself is having a few tent extras. Some of the extras that you need include:

Tent liner: This is a silky fabric that lines the inside of a tent. Some of the rental companies will rent you the liner together with the tent while other companies will ask you to rent it separately from the tent.

Tent walls: If it’s warm, you can skip the walls but if it’s rainy or windy you should rent the walls. Just like the liner, the rental companies can rent them together or separately with the tents.

Lighting: It’s common for events to go till late in the evening. To ensure that the event goes on even when darkness comes, you should have lighting.


When planning an event, there are many things you can control but not weather. To be safe you should visit your local tent rentals and rent high-quality tents.

Must Have Party Supplies When Organizing A Corporate Event

party supplies

If you are planning a corporate event there are a number of supplies that you must have to make the event a success. These supplies include:

Corporate tents

The corporate world is known to be serious and often boring. To bring some change you should consider having your event outdoors. For the guests to be comfortable you should protect them from the sun, wind and other weather elements. You can easily do this using corporate tents. In addition to these tents protecting your guests, they are also easy to brand thus getting the name of your company out. When renting the tents, pay attention to the number of guests that will be attending. Also, consider the high quality of the tents.

Tables and chairs

Your need for tables and chairs depends on the type of event that you are having. If having a simple meeting that will only last a few hours, you can rent only party chairs but if you will be serving a meal or the event will last for a few days you should include party tables on your rental list. If the event will last for a week or more, it’s always wise to have a theme in order to make it memorable.

Audio/visual equipment

The last thing you want is the speakers shouting at the top of their lungs for the guests to hear. This not only tires the guests, it also gives the party an unprofessional look. Unless you are having an extra small corporate event, it’s always good to have speakers and microphone in place. You should place the equipment at strategic areas for everyone to hear. They also should be of high quality in order to give top notch sound.

It’s common for people to make presentations in corporate events. To make it possible you should have a presentation board in place. Also, provide enough lighting. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have all the equipment in your company as you can always rent them from your local party rentals. The most important thing to consider when renting is the quality of the units and their ability to do the work you are interested in.


These are some of the party supplies that you need when you are having a corporate event. To avoid rushing the last minute, visit a few rental companies weeks before the event day and make reservations. To have an easy time, work with reputable rental companies.

Promotional Activity Ideas

corporate tents
Promotional ideas involve audience members and help to increase the effectiveness of the event. Partnering with several businesses with adequate resources proves useful and transforms the event as the main attraction in specific locations. Promotional activities are a great way to attract more customers to business. Such events help to make networking stronger with prospective customers and make them involved. These events can be simple like an informational session or can be made interesting with a carnival for the families. Read on to know more about some interesting promotional activity ideas and that are easy to manage and get event decor rentals to plan the best events.

Campus Contests

Invite fraternities from local colleges to compete for a position. Offer prizes like free souvenirs, passes to other similar kind of events etc.. You can also invite students from different colleges to compete in a contest that demonstrates who can get the maximum number of seats in the event. Allocate different colors to different teams or reserve special seating area for easy identification. Always host the contest in a carnival-type environment so that contestants enjoy playing. Such type of campus contests are promotional ideas and help to encourage audience participation. The opportunities are endless and a properly planned and well promoted event always proves to be a big success

Pre and Post Game Activities

Host pre and post game to increase the number of people in the event. Pre-game activities can be live performances, staging and dance floor , tailgate parties etc.. A pep rally featuring cheerleaders and team introductions can also be planned. Post game activities include award ceremonies to honor the best players, buffet and bar service, press conference etc.. Post game activities also help to choose the team for incentives offer them exclusive access to athletes.

Table Tents

Use table tents and put banners that promote your event and display them at local restaurants, coffee shops and college cafeteria. Corporate tents can also be used for sporting events as it provides direct access to the target customers.

Fashion Show

It’s not necessary to be a fashion company to plan a fashion show. Fashion shows are a great activity and can be planned with lots of creativity. Use production and staging rentals and put on a fashion show filled with fashion students from the top colleges to create the fashions and use it as a contest for them. It will be an exciting activity that benefits everyone involves.

Corporate Themed Party Ideas

corporate tentsA corporate party must be planned in such a way to make it memorable for everyone. There are various types of themes ranging from a cowboy party, ladies tournaments, beer festival etc.. Theme parties offer a chance to get creative in every aspect and give a festive ambience to the venue with party tent rentals.

Invitation Cards

While designing invitation cards, always keep in mind the theme of the party and decide the dress codes, if any. The card can be a cutout of a palm tree to represent the theme “sun and sand” and you can go in this way for many more themes. The card must be able to create excitement among the guests for the event.

Food and Drink

The huge availability of finger foods helps people to move freely. Plan for a bar only if you are permitted to do so. In some cases, theme plays an important role to decide the menu , buffet and bar service. In outdoor parties, it is always better to have a barbeque. In beer festivals, don’t forget to serve the best variety of meats and cheeses that go with Oktoberfest. Opt for service and chafing dishes rentals to offer the food and drinks.


The activities and entertainment options are essential and give a finishing touch to host a spectacular party for any corporate event. The different possibilities include gaming, contests and entertainers. All the guests always remember a corporate party with lots of entertainment options. Playing different types of games and arrangement of staging and dance floor also promotes team building. Even without planning any competitive events, some of the simple games oriented towards theme can be played to give the entire guest a good and memorable time in the party. Always choose from theme that brings an element of fun and leads to better communication among peer groups after the party as well. Make best arrangements for the games and quizzes within your budget depending upon the theme. Corporate people always enjoy music and dance and make sure to allocate a special area for the dance. Give all your staff members a cool party experience by choosing a location that create a vibe for the party that suit the theme. The choice of location helps to decide the music,decorations and other party supplies that all helps to contribute to the ambience. You can use corporate tents to make all types of arrangements in any location.

Corporate Event Ideas

buffet and bar servicePlanning is the key to the success of any event.All those planning to host a social event can find a range of event décor ideas whether it’s a trade show, retirement party, a golf outing, a sales meeting or annual holiday party. Most of the corporate events are organized to recognize accomplishments or to celebrate milestones. The professional event planner’s plan themed events to set a perfect tone. There are different types of events that can be planned depending upon the budget.

Company Excursions

Company excursions help to bring employees together to celebrate a day full of fun. These days, some of the companies consider to rent amusement parks or choose any location as venue and make best arrangements with corporate tents. The food can be arranged with buffet and bar service depending on the budget of the event. Popular food choices include barbeque, hamburgers, corn on the cob, hot dogs. Special arrangement takes place for different types of gaming and other activities like paddle boating, sack races, egg tosses and water balloon wars.

Golf Retreat

Many organizations give reward to the successful teams and employees with golf retreats. Make sure to plan a golf retreat that fits into your budget. In case you have limited budget, then plan your event at a golf course. Some of the companies arrange for food with best cutlery rentals along with special themed invitations, company signage, contests and prizes.

Mediterranean Party

The use of best rental services helps to celebrate achievements and other occasions in the most memorable way. The Mediterranean party events can be very elaborate with special arrangements for food, cocktail and music. The party planners use fresh flowers, plants, sand, striped changing tents, staging and dance floor to match the theme. Food arrangements can be made in buffet style with huge variety of Mediterranean favorites like olives, cheeses, tapas as appetizers. Music incorporates a perfect mix of best numbers.

Casino-Themed Party

Another interesting and entertaining idea is to arrange for casino-themed parties at holiday time. Casino parties seem to be a great idea for large gatherings. Most of the companies distribute fake money, set up round tables or gaming tables, hire dealers for gaming arrangements. The employees can trade with their winning chips to collect a prize at the end of the party.

Awards Banquet

A good way to appreciate employees and recognize high achievers can be to go for awards ceremony. Any type of corporate event can be arranged in a banquet hall or corporate tents can be used along with buffet and bar service. Always try to keep employees engaged with special arrangements of entertainment. The use of staging and dance floor can be good idea in case you’re planning celebration of retiring team members.

Hundreds of corporate events are held every year in a city. An event planner must bring interesting event décor ideas to differentiate your company’s event from the other events.