10 Excellent Christmas Party Themes

The Christmas season is here with us again, and since Christmas is there every year, most people are out of ideas on how to make the season interesting. Are you one of these people? Before you hit the party rentals stores, ask yourself the impression you want to give your guests.

To help you out, here are excellent Christmas party themes to use to your advantage:

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Ask the guests to dress either as Mr. or Mrs. Claus. To make the party even more fun, encourage cross-dressing. Of course, at the end of the party, award the best dressed Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Winter wonderland

There is no better time to have a winter wonderland themed party than on Christmas. The cool thing is you don’t have to be living in snowy areas to throw this party. Simply deck out your space in all white and ask your guests to come dressed to match.

Christmas tree dress-up

Have you ever attended a wedding shower where the bridesmaids are dressed up in wedding gowns made of toilet paper? You can do the same for your Christmas party but this time with a Christmas twist.

Give the guests green crepe streamers and decorations to resemble ornaments. You should then ask the party guests to partner up and dress each other as a Christmas tree. At the end of the party, award the best-dressed tree.

Have a Pajama Christmas party

If you attend many Christmas parties, you will find them formal and boring. You don’t want this for your party, do you? To liven things up a little bit, ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite Christmas pajamas.

Have a pet party

You have heard all about pet-friendly parties such as those without chocolate, and we are not talking about this one. A pet party is completely different.

Invite your pet loving friends and family to your home for a Christmas party and ask the guests to dress up their pets in Christmas regalia.

At the party, have Christmas treats for the pets and even give an award to the best-looking pets.

Have a Christmas open house

If you have plenty of money to throw around, have a Christmas open house. Host an open house with your preferred theme which can be casual, modern, or any other. Remember to complete the party with easy appetizers, card making station, and a signature cocktail.

Throw a cocktail party

Spark some excitement by throwing a cocktail party. After all, it’s Christmas and everyone should be happy, right? Invite your friends and family to the event and to make it fun, on the Christmas party invitation, include a request for each guest to bring their own cocktail recipe along with the necessary ingredients.

This idea is perfect if operating on a tight budget as all you need is to set up a cocktail station for guests to make their cocktails and share them with the other attendees.

To add to the festive spirit, ask the guests to give their cocktail a creative name that matches the season.

Have a game night

The Christmas season is all about eating and drinking, but if this sounds too lame to you, a great alternative is a holiday-themed game night. Of course, you will have food and drinks, but they won’t be the focus. Christmas games will be the focus.

Excellent party games you can play are: Christmas moving bingo, Christmas Song Emoji Pictionary, Christmas Jep-arty, and many others.

Have a craft night

Got friends or family members that love crafts? Why not invite them for some crafting and catching up? You don’t have to create anything special. Simply choose a few fun and easy DIY projects and you will have the time of your life.

Throw a tea party

Everyone dreams of having tea with the queen, but if you don’t belong to the royal bloodline, you will hardly be invited to the royal palace. A great alternative would be to throw your own tea party. Send invitations and ask your guests to come dressed in their fancy dresses.

To give the event a Christmas feel, cut the sandwiches in the shape of a Christmas tree and if having plenty of guests, rent some equipment from event rentals Rockland NY. These can be cutlery, chairs, tables, and many others.

Tips On How To Save More When Renting Party Supplies

party supplies

Although, renting the party supplies is usually the cheaper option than buying new ones, you can still reduce the rental cost if you are keen enough. To help you out, here are tips that you should consider for you to save money on party rentals.

Tips on how to save money when renting the supplies

Compare prices: There are many rental companies where you can rent the supplies, but no two go at the same price. To save money, you should take your time to research and find the most cost-effective. When you are renting, you should not only go for those that are cost-effective, the units should also be of high quality.

Consider delivering the units on your own: If you have a car, you shouldn’t ask the rental company to deliver the units to you, you should pick and deliver them on your own. While most of the companies will say that they are supplying the units at no cost, in most cases they include the price of the rental cost. When you pick up the Chiavari chairs or any other supplies that you need, you eliminate the delivery fee thus save a lot.

Rent all the supplies in one place: This is a no-brainer. When you are renting, you should rent all the supplies in one company. This not only gives a better customer service, it also gives you discounts which see you saving money. To find a reputable company that stocks all the supplies you need, take your time to research and find one.

Choose any delivery time: When you rent many supplies from one company, most of the companies will deliver the supplies to you at no extra cost. Most of these companies will ask you to choose the time that you want them to deliver the supplies. To avoid being charged an additional fee, ask them to deliver anytime.

Most people will want the supplies to be delivered early morning or late in the evening. This means that the companies are busiest during this time. When you ask the companies to deliver the supplies anytime, you give them the freedom to deliver when they aren’t busy thus you don’t have to wait or pay extra.


These are some of the tips you should put in place to save money when renting party tents and other supplies. To save even more, rent as a non-governmental organization. Most of these organizations have privileges that you can take advantage of.