Things You Should Know When Renting Party Tents

Things You Should Know When Renting Party Tents

Is this the first time you have rented a party tent from party tent rentals? There are several things you should do. These things include:

Pay attention to the size and space you have

You should note that it’s only clear span tents that you can set up safely without a separate area for staking. This is because the stakes go right into the bottom of the legs.

All the other tents need a space of between 5 and 10 feet around the outside to place the stakes. This means that before you rent the tent, you need to have measured the size of your yard and ensured that the tent you are looking to rent would fit in the space and have enough room for the stakes.

If this is your first time renting, you should note that tents come in all sizes, from a small dinner tent that you place in the backyard to a party tent that can hold up to 1,000 people.

The size you go for depends on the number of guests you will be hosting and the activities you will engage in. If you want to have dinner and dance in the tent, you should give each person between 20 and 25 square feet.

For dinner only (no dancing), each person will need between 18 and 22 square feet. For example, a tent for dancing with 200 people would need to be 46′ x 125′ (with central poles) or 40′ x 120′ (with frame).

Think about making the tent better.

When changing and improving your tent, you can do anything you want. Any tent can be dressed up in beautiful ways that match the style of your wedding.

If I have a formal event, the floor is the first thing I change. This is because flooring not only has a direct impact on how the party tent looks but also on how comfortable your guests feel.

Thankfully, there are plenty of flooring options you can go with. You can use fake, all of which look like they belong in a beautiful home.

Even if the ground under the tent has significant slope changes or dips, you can always level the platform flooring.

Lighting is another excellent way to make a tent look nice. The cool thing is that there is no defined lighting option you can go with. You need to choose the one that looks good and works for you, and you are good to go.

Draping: Whether it’s just the side poles or the whole ceiling, draping is a great way to make a wedding tent look better. Simple white drapes are the cheapest option, but you can use other neutral fabrics or add a pop of color. Many companies may include this option when giving you the tent quotation or offer it for an extra cost.

Book at the right time

When you book, the tent goes a long way to determining whether you get the tent or not. It also determines the quality of the tent that you get. A good rule is to book your tent at least three months before the party date.

During the busiest months, you should book your tent as soon as possible since last-minute plans could mean that the tent company is out of tents.

As soon as you decide on a date, get a quote and talk about the equipment you’ll need, even if it’s just in case it rains. Chances are, you’ll need to pay a nonrefundable or partially nonrefundable deposit to hold the tent, and most tent companies need to know if you’ll be using the tent 24 hours before they’re scheduled to install it.

Check with your location.

You should decide if you need a tent before you book your venue. But it’s also essential to ensure you can bring a tent and set it up there. To avoid surprises, get to know as much as possible about your venue. Some of the excellent questions to ask include:

  • Is there a maximum size for a tent at this location?
  • Do you have any rules about where the tent can go?
  • Are there any rules about the kind of tent that can be used?
  • Can you stick a stake in the ground?
  • Are there any branches or other things that might get in the way?
  • Do any irrigation lines need to be marked before they are put in?
  • Can we set up the tent ahead of time?

Think about safety

the wind is always one of the most important things to worry about when working with a tent. Always think about the strong wind gusts regardless of where you are installing the tent.

Party and tent rentals Rockland NY have rules that say they have to take down the tent if you are within a certain distance of a storm. So you should always check the weather report and confirm there isn’t a storm that can bring down the tent.




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