Event Rentals: Party Etiquette Both Hosts and Guests Should Know

The holidays will soon be in full swing right before your doorstep and it will take you by surprise if you will not start planning right now. If you are planning or organizing a big holiday event your supplier for party rentals should be up for another festivity challenge.  This is the season where people will really make an effort to attend and be present in any event that they are invited to.  This is also the season where households, organizations, and companies have planned their whole year just for this once a year occasion. Since the holidays are all about spreading joy, love, gifts and lots of memories is just right to make every event count and every party worth remembering.

Of course, you just don’t attend an event and host an event without being mindful of the proper etiquettes both the host and guest should know by heart.

The Proper Event Decorum

Whether it’s a small or a big event, the hosts and guests should act appropriately as respect for the entire party and for those who are attending it.

For The Hosts:

Regardless of the theme or the type of event you are planning and organizing, there are some crucial things that you should be considering in order to have a successful event.

  • Be Clear On The Invitation.

When sending out invites for a party or an event, as a host, you have to clear on the following details:

  • The date
  • The time
  • The venue
  • The occasion and/or theme
  • The date when they should confirm if they will be attending or not
  • How they should respond by either a “yes” or a “no”

You also have to indicate on the invitation if they need to bring something, wear something, and if they need to be participating in anything.

  • Organize Everything.

Finalize your guest list well.  A great team of event organizer can guarantee that any party will be a success, regardless of whether it rain at an outdoor reception or the food is not so much enticing. Have everything set up before the event starts. Have the food ready to be served, the table set and decorated well, the venue should be clean and all the drinks should be ready to go anytime. These are just some of the major things that you should safeguard before your guests arrive so you do not need to worry about anything from the beginning of the party.

  • Be Always On Guard And Inviting.

As a host, see to it that your guests are welcomed with warm smiles and warmly, inviting gestures not just from you but from your staff too. Have eyes on all your guests as much as possible. If you or your staff have seen a guest having trouble in getting a seat or a guest with an empty glass take the initiative to do something about it and fix the situation immediately.

  • Have A Back-Up Plan.

Plan B is what you need in case Plan A fails or an emergency happens. Like if a guest brought a plus 1 unexpectedly, of course, a host should never send an uninvited one home, right? Still, treat him or them like any other guests in the event. Be polite and courteous.

  • Acknowledge Your Guests.

Show appreciation by simply thanking your guests for coming and also thank those who brought gifts.

For The Guests:

Any party hosts or event organizers would appreciate a good guest and visitor who would never give them a hard time or trouble. So if you wanted to become a great guest, here are some tips:

  • Confirm Your Attendance.

Any host would love to hear that you’ll be attending their party and as a sure guest, immediately inform the host that you will be coming. Whether there is an RSVP or none, replying to any invites by confirming your attendance means so much. Do not forget to thank them for inviting you also.

  • Be A Punctual Guest.

Being on time or punctual has various meanings to people, culture, and places. Technically, a guest should be arriving at an event within 15 minutes or less before or after the stated time of the party. If you will be really arriving late, call the host and provide an ETA just to avoid them getting worried.


Knowing the proper behavior or etiquette not just in attending or hosting parties, but on other occasions will just show the people how effective of a host you are and how wonderful you are being a guest. The event party rentals Rockland NY appreciates all their clients and see to it that they are properly returning a favor by being a great supplier and organizer at the same time. The success of any event depends on the people working behind it and those who are expected to appreciate and enjoy it.

Party Tent Rentals: Expert Tips On How To Make Your Party Tents Warm

An outdoor event is attractive to many people as it’s easy to put together. All you need is a party tent that you can easily get from your local party tent rentals and you are set.

While the event is attractive and there is no reason you shouldn’t go for it, the major flaw with it is that the guests tend to get cold, especially when having the event during the cold months of the year.

For you to keep the guests warm, you need to heat up the tents. The cool thing is that there are many ways of doing it. Some of these ways include:

Add sidewalls to the tents

Most of the party tents come with the option of sidewalls. You should go with tents that don’t have sidewalls when you are having the party during the warm seasons of the year, but when having the event during the cold season, you should rent tents with sidewalls.

There are many types of sidewalls on the market that you can go for. There are clear, café, and even solid sidewall styles to choose from. You should rent those that complement your party theme and perfectly fit the party tent.

The sidewalls work by keeping the rain and wind out of the tent. They also aid in keeping the hot air inside the tent thus the guests remain warm.

Make use of tent heaters

There are both electric and gas tent heaters. Your choice should be influenced by the type of party you are having and your location. If you are having the event in an area that is away from the power grid, you should rent gas heaters, but when having the party in areas that have electricity, there is no harm in going with an electric heater.

A key feature to look out for in the heaters is the thermostat. This is a unit that controls how the heater works. As rule of thumb, go for a heater with a programmable thermostat.

Make use of patio heaters

The patio heaters are common in restaurants and bars where they provide hot spots. You should place them in strategic areas of the tent where the guests will be drawing the warmth from.


These are some of the ways in which you can heat up your party tent during the cold or rainy season. For you to get the most from the tent, always rent a high-quality tent from your local party rentals.

Guide On How To Set A Buffet Table

set buffet table

Food is an important part of any party. You can serve the food in two ways: sit-down dinner where you have everyone sitting down at a table to enjoy a meal or a buffet service where every guest serves his/her food. Buffet service is great when you don’t have a large table for the guests to sit on. The service is also ideal if you want a less expensive food option.

Guide on how to set the buffet table

You should set the table at the center of the party space where the guests will be able to easily walk through from all sides. As rule of thumb you should never set the table against a wall as this will force the guests to use one side of the table which will most likely cause the line to back up.

When it comes to plates, you should place them together with napkins at the left end of the table. To keep steady traffic you should have the guests form a line from the left to the right when they are adding food to their plates. If you don’t have enough plates, you should rent them from a party rental company.

To avoid chaos when the guests are serving food, you should put food in a logical order. This means that you should put entrees at the beginning, then side dishes, vegetables and salads at the end. You should also ensure that you have small plates next to each dish for the utensils to rest on.

To give a great impression you should decorate the buffet table. There are many buffet table decorations that you can use. Great decorations include: scented candles and flowers. As rule of thumb you should place the decorations at strategic places where they don’t inconvenience the guests when they are serving food.

It’s good to set different smaller tables to hold the drinks and deserts. This is to prevent the guests from being held up by people trying to get drinks and dessert.


A well set buffet table will leave a lasting image in the eyes of your guests; therefore, you should work at giving your all. For a successful party you should work closely with a party rental company that will not only provide you with the rental tables, chairs, plates and other items, it will also help you with the planning of the party.

Different Ways Of Setting A Party Table


To create a great impression you need to set your party table the right way. Here are some of the ways in which you can set the table:


This is when you have a corporate event. You should position the plate at the center of the table setting and then place the butter plate on the left, above the forks. You should lay the dinner fork on the left of the plate and place other forks on the left of the dinner fork.

When organizing your cutlery, you should organize in the way in which it will be used. This is in order to work from the outside in.


Buffet setting isn’t stringent. You should place the stack of plates and then the side dishes, salad, main dishes, condiments and bread. You should place the utensils at the end of the table, wrap a fork, knife, spoon in a napkin and secure them with a napkin ring. You should set glasses, dessert items, cups on another table in order to avoid congestion.


You should position two forks, a dinner fork and smaller salad on the left of the plate. You should then fold napkins and place them beneath the forks.

Important tips

While it’s good to have table clothes, many guests spend of the time worrying about soiling the party linens. You should avoid the stress by avoiding the standard tables. If you are having a casual event, you should cover the tabletops with newspapers.

There are many party accessories that you can use to add color to the table setting; however, experts recommend that you shouldn’t rely solely on the accessories. In addition to the accessories, you should also use party plates, cups and flatware. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the items have a bright hue.

Floral accents are great to have. The unfortunate thing is that large displays tend to be very expensive. If you want to create cheaper accents you should consider creating tiny bouquets and placing them at each setting.


This is what you need to know about party table setting. To have an easy time, you should hire a professional party rental company to help you with work. The rental company will also provide you with the rental items that you need to make your party a success.

Decorate your party with Lounge Furniture Rentals

party rental service

Parties give a great opportunity to celebrate happiness and success with love ones. When it comes to organizing a party, there are plenty of things which require to be managed. Whatever kind of party it is, with proper planning and right efforts you can make it an unforgettable event.

Making party arrangements

To ensure the party you host is enjoyed by each and every guest, you will have to make proper arrangements. Plan ahead about guest list, venue, decoration, menu, catering and of course seating arrangement. The party table and chair rental is an easy option for making guest seated comfortably. However, nowadays luxury lounge furniture is also available on rent. The good furniture can adorn the party decoration and offer lavish seating arrangement that not only look good but also provide comfortable seating facility.

Lounge Furniture Rentals suitable for every event

Lounge furniture is apt for wedding reception, birthday parties, corporate event or any other such special occasion. The high quality party lounge furniture can suit every venue and party theme. The custom-build and crafted furniture can become highlight of party decoration. With the help of lounge furniture rental, any outdoor venue can become comfy and beautiful party destination.

The lounge furniture rentals give you an ultimate option to create a comfortable seating area and a relaxed ambiance for your party guests to take sheer pleasure of your party. These modern party accessories can leave a unique and memorable impression of your party on your guests. The typical party furniture available on rent are- sofas, benches, armchairs, LED furniture etc. Above all, you will get choices in color, design and size, so that you can opt for furniture which goes with your party theme and decoration.

Renting the lounge furniture is not a new thing these days. You might have also seen these striking rental items in the parties you have attend. The lounge furniture are just one phone call away from your event, yes you can get these furniture setup at your party venue by just making a call to the best party rental service provider near you.

Transform your party into an unforgettable experience with modern lounge furniture!


Things you must know for table and chair rental

While planning a wedding or an event you can easily get bogged down taking care of all the major details to make your event successful and forget to check on minor yet important details like the table and chair rental. Renting tables and chair sounds easy process but actually, if proper attention is not given while hiring a rental service provider, it can spoil your event easily.

What a good table and chair rental can do?

Different types of parties require different types of rental items. You cannot keep a chair meant for a wedding reception into a corporate party or birthday party. It will look out of place and spoil the decoration of whole event. What you should do in such situation? Where to find a table and chair rental according to the occasion and theme of the event? Well, the answer of the both questions is so easy! You can find all the rental items required for your event from a party rental service provider. The party rental service provider can help you to select the best items for your event. However, it is important that you keep a few things in mind while selecting the table and chair rental for your event.

Tips for renting table and chair!

#1: The size of gathering: It is important to determine the tentative number of guest attending your event, to get proper seating arrangement done.

#2: The theme: Theme of the party is another aspect that you should take care while renting tables and chairs. Make sure that you set a theme prior placing order for any rental item. As hiring a rental service after deciding the party theme will bring all the rental items in sync with your party theme.

#3: Party occasion: To get appropriate table and chair rental for your party, it is important that you disclose the purpose of your celebration to the rental service provider. The party rental professionals can help you better in selecting appropriate tables and chairs. You need to be careful while choosing these rental items for your event, as the task of selecting table and chair rental may sound easy but it is not that simple.

Are you well equipped for your Christmas party?

party rentalsWith the arrival of winter, the most awaited festival of every time-Christmas is also coming near. And if you are planning to have a big Christmas party this year, then you should start finding a good party rental service provider as soon as you can.

The party rental services

Obviously it is not possible to host a great party with just a bunch of drinks and a pack of potato chips. To make your party really an enjoyable event for your family and friends, you should consider seeking help from a party rental service provider. The rental service can make your party more organized and can utilize your party space in a better way than you.

Add more color to your Christmas party with party rentals!!

Creating significant memories does not always require draining your energy as well as your wallet. With proper planning and right execution, it is always possible to host an entertaining and memorable Christmas party.

Start your party planning with a delicious menu. Save time by finalizing the guest list and validate grocery requirements upfront. Prepare a checklist and plan out your deadline so there remains no last minute surprises for you! Try to save your sanity by opting for party dishes which can be prepared in advance. Now, check out the wine glasses, cutlery, crockery etc. In case, your existing crockery and cutlery is not sufficient for party guests, then opt for crockery and cutlery rental.

After menu, think about party decoration. Decoration is the soul of Christmas party, so decorate your party venue with colorful props, flowers and lights. If you do not have party decoration items, then instead of purchasing these expensive stuffs, choose party rental items.

Check out the seating arrangement. You need to make sure that you have sufficient chair or furniture to get your party guests seated adequately. The table and chair rental is a handy option for you. Also, if you are willing to host a luxury Christmas party, you can go with lounge furniture rental. The luxury furniture can transform any random party venue into a high-class party paradise.

Make your wedding party fun with Staging and dance floor

stage rentalWhether it is a normal get together, commercial event, birthday celebration, graduation party or a wedding reception, staging and dance floor rental is something that can make your come party alive. A party will be so boring without the booming DJ music and people tapping their feet like crazy on the dance floor. As a party organizer you better know the tactics to make your guests happy and satisfied.

Stage and dance floor

To prevent your party from turning into a lame event, you should give a corner to the stage and dance floor where your party guest can try their little dance move and set themselves in a party mood. Here are mentioned a few advantages of stage and dance floor that will surely make you realize that why these items are important in order to host an enjoyable event.

#1: The Stage and Dance floor act as a fun element and energizes the aura of the party when accompanied with beaming lighting and music.

#2: The Dance floor encourages your party guest to get up from their chair and celebrate freely.

#3:  A lifted platform like the stage let the host get proper attention from the party guests and make announcements. The stage provides a perfect finish to the functions like wedding receptions and commercial events.

#4: Portable stage and dance floor are safe and hygienic alternative to dancing on asphalts, tar or grass. They can be set up at any party location. It is very easy to setup and take down the portable stage and dance floor.

Staging and dance floor rentals!

By now if you are thinking of including staging and dance floor in your party, but you don’t know from where to get these items? Then put this worry aside. As there are a number of party rental service providers who are ready to provide you with staging and dance floor rentals for your party. Hire an experience party rental service for your party, as these services offer a number of deals on the rented items and are also ready to customize the rental items, like the table, chair, staging and the dance floor according to the party theme.