Party Rentals: Simple Details That Will Make Your Party Memorable

party rentals

When you are putting together a party, it’s always recommended that you work super hard and throw a party that the guests will remember for a long time. Many people think that they need to hire high-end party supplies to make their party memorable, but this isn’t always necessary. There are many minor details that you can put in place and create an unforgettable look. Some of these details include:


If you frequent parties, you must have been lost once or twice. This is because you are usually new to the area. To give your guests an easy time, you should have signs that point them to the different areas of the party such as the bathroom or sitting areas. Experts report that when you use signs, you show the guests that you care about them and they are welcome in your party. In addition to leaving the guests with a memorable impression, the signs will also play a vital role in keeping the entire event organized. When placing the signs ensure that they match your party theme. If having a formal party, go with high-end units.

Serve drinks at the start of the party

How many times have you been welcomed with a cold drink as soon as you arrive at a party? My bet is that you rarely do. This is because many people don’t do it as they feel it as unnecessary. Many people wait until the end of the party to give the drinks. To ensure that your guests remember the party for a long time, you should provide them with a drink as soon as they arrive. This not only makes them feel welcomed, but it also refreshes the guests that might be too tired thus setting them in the party mood.

In addition to serving drinks, it’s also wise to consider placing plated salads and appetizers on the table. These can be soup, salads, or appetizers. When you do this, you create a great experience as you don’t keep the guests waiting to be served food. The food also encourages the guests to sit down thus allowing you to start the party activities early enough.


These are some of the things you can do to make your party memorable. To have a great time, you should work with popular party rentals that will not only supply you with high-quality party equipment, but also help you with the planning of the party.

Wedding Party Supplies: Factors To Consider For A Great Beach Wedding

Wedding party supplies

The beach is a romantic backdrop thus a great place to have your wedding.  For you to have a great beach wedding you need to consider a number of factors:

The comfort of your wedding guests

This should be the first thing to consider as choosing the wrong location would result in most of the guests leaving. Beaches are usually breezy but you can reduce the breeze by choosing an area protected from direct winds. If the event will be short the guests can stand but if it will be long or there will be plenty of elderly people, you should get rental chairs from the local chair and table rentals. It’s rare for people to have tents in a beach wedding but if the sun is too hot and the event will be long, you should consider renting them from reputable tent rentals. All you need to do is ensure that they complement the beach theme.

Wedding food

There is no great wedding without food. You can buy already prepared food from the beach restaurants or prepare it on your own. If you have time, you should hire professionals to prepare the food at the beach. This is not only romantic, it also ensures that the food is fresh and hot. In keeping with the beach theme, you should prepare seafood. This calls for you to hire professionals experienced in preparing the meals.

People are allergic to different types of seafood; therefore, you should always take the time to ask the guests the type of foods they want in order to avoid problems. When hiring a catering service provider, hire one with the all the necessary equipment needed in the preparation and serving of the food. This saves you money as you don’t have to rent any equipment from kitchen rentals.

Dress code

Due to the sand and hot sun you should be cautious of how you dress. As rule of thumb dress in a comfortable so that you are able to easily walk on the beach. Instead of wearing heels like it’s the case with other weddings, go barefooted. When it comes to the wedding dress, go for a simple dress that isn’t too long.


The beach is one of the most romantic and best places to have a wedding and timing is of great importance. For a great experience have your wedding during the early part of the day or late in the afternoon. This is to avoid the hot sun. Also, be cautious of the tides. To avoid the tides spoiling your day, ensure you are far away from the ocean. To have an easy time with the planning, work with wedding party supplies companies that will help you with the planning and also supply you with the equipment you nee

3 Wedding Party Supplies That You Need For A Comfortable Outdoor Wedding

Wedding party supplies

An outdoor wedding is attractive to many people as it provides a comfortable outdoor space for the guests. You also don’t need to install a lot of decorations as there are already plenty of natural decorations that you can use to your advantage. For you to have a successful outdoor wedding you need to rent a number of supplies from your local party rentals. The supplies that you need include:

Party tent heaters

Most people do their weddings during summer but this doesn’t mean that you have to move with the crowd. Doing your wedding during winter comes with a number of advantages. You can rent party tents and other wedding supplies at low prices. You also have access to your dream wedding venue as there are few people interested in it at this time. For your guests to be comfortable, you should provide them with warmth. The best way of going about it is installing tent heaters at different areas of the tent. For ideal results, ensure that the tent is completely closed to prevent heat loss. You should keep on adjusting the temperature to prevent the tent getting too hot thus making the guests uncomfortable.

Rental flooring material

Since you are having an outdoor event, chances are that the lawn is the floor. This type of floor is perfect if you are having an informal party but if the event is formal, you should rent a formal floor. Party rental companies stock different types of floors ranging from plastic to hardwood floors. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. When making the selection, consider the size of your party tent. Also, consider the condition of the party location. As rule of thumb ensure that floor that you rent complements the wedding theme.

Party wash stations

Wash stations are often overlooked by many people but they are always necessary. To keep your guests clean and comfortable you should have these facilities in your wedding venue. You can get them from your local rental companies or from companies that specialize in hygiene products. They come in different sizes and designs. For an interesting look, you should rent wash stations that complement the wedding theme and at the same time are of the right size for your guests.


For your outdoor wedding to be a success you need plenty of wedding party supplies. When renting the supplies, always rent from a company renting high-quality units at least cost.

Taking A Look At The Popular Wedding Party Supplies

wedding party supplies

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, it’s illogical to buy the wedding party supplies.  You will need to find a rental company to rent the supplies.

Popular wedding party supplies

Wedding tents: One of the most popular Wedding supplies to be rented is a tent.  The tents range from small canopies to massive structures strong enough to withstand thunderstorms. When renting a tent, it’s always wise that you get the advice of a professional who will help you choose the right tent based on the type of wedding and number of expected guests.

One of the most popular choices is a tent with removable sides. The unit makes it easy for guests to move about freely. The tents are also known to be spacious. They are made from special fabric and you can use them for different functions including: dining, dance floor, and stage. They can be heated or air-conditioned depending on the weather.

Party tables and chairs: Just like party tents, there are many types of party tables and chairs that you can go for. They range from simple plastic chairs to elegant leather chairs. Your choice should be informed by the type of wedding that you will be having. If having a formal wedding theme, go with leather chairs.

Flowers: Flowers not only brighten up a room, they also add sophistication and elegance. There are many types of live flowers in the market that you can go for but if you are operating on a tight budget you can’t afford them. The only way out is to go for rental flowers from party rental companies.

Kitchen equipment: To ensure that food is warm, many people are opting to rent the kitchen equipment from the kitchen rentals so that they can prepare the food at the wedding venue. The kitchen equipment that you can rent ranges from cooking utensils to serving pieces. For ideal results, rent high-quality equipment that won’t develop problems during the wedding day.


Regardless of the supplies that you are interested in it’s always recommended that you get the advice of a professional. The professional will not only guide you on the right number and sizes of supplies that you should rent, he/she will also guide you on the best rental company to rent from. As rule of thumb rent from reputable party rentals stocking high-quality supplies.

Tips To Consider When Renting Party Tents

Whether you are having a wedding or any other event you need gazebos where the guests will sit. For you to rent the right tents you need to consider these tips:

Pay attention to the size of the area where you will place the tent

There are many types of tents that you can rent but the most common are the frame marquee. The cool thing about it is that it doesn’t require any additional space for guy ropes or anything else. As long as you have the required space, you are good to go. If you have a lot of space, you should go for the traditional marquee that is usually better looking than the framed one but takes a lot of space.

Consider the time of the year that you are renting the tent

If you will be having the event during winter, you should go with a gazebo for windy areas that will keep the cold out of the tent. The enclosed unit will also aid in enclosing the guests thus making them feel secure. If on the other hand, you will be having the event during summer, go for an open tent that allows plenty of air into the tent area.

Put into consideration the number of people that will sit under the party tent

If you are expecting to have many people attending the event you should get a large tent and vice versa.

Work closely with the tent hire

The people working in the party rentals aren’t there just to rent you the tents. They are also ready to offer advice. If you have never rented the tent before, you should ask them to advise you on the best tents that you should go for. They will also advise you the best designs for the theme of your event. You will also get advice on the best size of the tent to go for.

To avoid misunderstanding in the future, get all the details that you need to know about. Of major importance get to know whether there are other costs involved in addition to the cost of renting the tent. Common extra expenses that you may be required to pay are travel and tax costs.


These are tips on how to rent wedding tents or any other tents that you may be interested in. As rule of thumb ensure that you rent from a reputable company. Also, ensure that the tent matches the theme of your event.

3 Places To Get Event Décor Ideas

event decor ideas

For your wedding to be elegant you have to decorate it. For you to pull off a great look you need to consider plenty of factors such as:

The wedding location

Are you having an outdoor or indoor wedding? The wedding location greatly determines the decorations that you should use. If you are having an outdoor wedding keep the wedding décor to a minimum as nature has already provided plenty of things to marvel at. All you have to do is rent the wedding chairs and tables from party rentals and then supplement the nature with light complementing colors. If you are having the wedding by the lake or beach you should use light, napkins, drapes, or free flowing material.

Candles have been shown to be very effective in giving wedding venues an elegant look especially at night. For a great look use soft and pale candle colors. Great colors to consider are: pale yellow, white and bluish pink.

If you are having an indoor wedding, use plenty of decorations. Great materials to use in decorating your wedding include: flowers, tablecloths, candles, torches and any other material. As rule of thumb ensure that the material you use compliments the wedding theme.

Consider the latest event décor trends

If you are unsure of the wedding theme or decorations that you should use, get ideas from fashion and wedding magazines. Once you have identified a theme you should stick to it. There are some people that feel that using many themes makes the wedding look unique, but this isn’t the case. Too many themes make the event look too busy thus giving an ugly look.

Take hints from the wedding season

It’s common for people to run out of event décor ideas. If this is the case with you, get hints from the season that you are doing the wedding. If having a winter wedding you can use a snowflake theme where you use plenty of white. If having a spring wedding, use plenty of greens and flowers.


These are the factors that you should consider when decorating your wedding venue. Your budget is of great importance when decorating the venue. You should note that having a tight budget doesn’t mean that you should have a scruffy wedding.  To lower your costs, you should visit different party rental companies and settle on the company renting high quality party supplies at a low price.

Fun And Cheap Event Décor Ideas For Wedding And Corporate Events

event decor ideas

To pull off a great wedding and corporate event you need to be keen and operate on a good budget. Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate to have money to throw an expensive event. Even if you are operating on a tight budget there is no reason why you can’t have a beautiful event. To help you out here are cheap event décor ideas that you can borrow.

Decorate glass and Stemware

Whether you are putting together a formal or informal event you will have glassware. You could own the glassware or you might have rented from party rentals. You can add life to your party by decorating the wine bottles, water glasses, and wine glasses. Decorate the glasses using spray paint or sticky glitters. When it comes to wine bottles, cover the neck with shiny textile or paper ribbons.

Pay attention to party chairs

Gone are the days when everyone used the same traditional party chairs. People are now going for unique party chairs. If throwing an informal wedding, you can use haystacks. To make haystacks different and comfortable use brightly colored cushions. If having a corporate event or formal wedding, go for contemporary chairs from party supplies companies in your area. If the chairs don’t have a great look, consider installing chair covers on them.

Don’t forget party tables

For corporate events and invite only wedding parties, the sitting position and arrangement around the table matters. The easiest way of decorating the tables is using table covers. As rule of thumb ensure that the covers match the theme of the event. In addition to covers also consider including colorful table centerpieces. The centerpieces can be fruit baskets, plant bottles, lit candles and flower vases.

Make use of Fruits and vegetables

When shopping for party supplies throw in fresh fruits and vegetables. Best place of placing the fruits and vegetables is on reception tables. Arrange the fruits and vegetables nicely in elegant bowls.

Parting shot

These are ideas on how to decorate your party. As you have seen you don’t need to spend plenty of money to have a beautiful event. When renting rental chairs, tables and covers, ensure that you rent them from a modern and reputable party rental company. To save money and time rent the decoration materials from the same rental company.

Party Supplies: Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Party Lights

party lighs

Lights are important parts of party rentals and they come in different colors that include: white, colored and multi-colored. In addition to lighting up the event, they also set the party mood. If you are planning of installing lights in your event there are many types of lights in the market that you can go for. The most common are:

Spot party lights

They are a great addition if you are throwing an outdoor party at night. The units work by narrowing down the focus of illumination thus you highlight the areas that you want people to concentrate on. These can be food areas, exit ways, entry ways and  pathways. The cool thing is that you can use the lights for decoration purposes and for functional purposes.

Rope lights

You can use rope lights indoors and outdoors. In both areas, the lights are effective in producing a wide range of effects. The units are made up of a series of micro-bulbs that are spaced one inch apart. The bulbs are placed inside a plastic cord that comes in different colors. You should use the lights in accentuating the important features of the wedding reception, corporate events and party.

Globe party lights

While you can use them in different areas, they are heavily used in party tents. They are unique in that instead of the traditional pear shape, they resemble a perfect globe. Also, unlike other lights that require plenty of assembly, these ones don’t need that. The bulbs come already screwed into the light stand thus all you need to do is hang them up.

Twinkle party lights

Twinkle lights add life to the party environment. You can install them in different areas including: Along pathways, benches, fences, gazebos and even decks. While they are great, they can spark disaster if you install them at the wrong place. To avoid making this mistake work with an experienced contractor to guide you on how to properly install them.

Quartz lights

They are versatile and efficient. They are also brighter and hotter than the ordinary light bulbs. The lights are great as you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Since they come in different colors and shapes, they can not only use them to provide you with lighting, you can also use them as decoration materials.


These are some of the lights that you can use in your party. To get high quality lights ensure that you rent from a reputable party supplies company.

4 Factors To Consider When Renting Glass And Stemware

glass and stemware rental

Glass and stemware is not only important when serving drinks in your party, you can also use it to hold appetizers and desserts. You can also use the glassware as a dish riser and as part of candle and floral centerpiece. When renting the units you need to consider a number of factors that include:

Type of glassware

The type of glassware that you need for the party depends on your needs. If you will be serving wine, you should go for wineglasses. There are many types of these glasses that you can go for. The most common are: Red, white, Bordeaux and burgundy wineglasses. To give a great impression, go for the right type of glass for the drink that you will be serving. If serving only water, go for water goblets. The same thing applies if you will be serving coffee—rent coffee mugs.

If you are setting up a party bar and serving all types of drinks, invest in a wide range of party glassware. The units that you should rent include: Martini glasses, brandy snifters, pilsners, double old-fashioned glasses, beer mugs, and any other units that you may deem necessary.

Design of the glassware

The design of the party glassware rental isn’t important if you are throwing a casual party. If throwing a formal event such as a corporate party, pay attention to the design. For a great look, go for units that complement chinaware, linen, flatware and party centerpieces. To create variety and give the event a unique look, rent units of different colors.

Quality of the glassware

Even if you will be renting the glassware it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t mind the quality of the units. Remember that a party is all about the impression that you give. If image is of great importance take your time to research and find the reputable rental companies in your area stocking high quality glassware. If throwing a corporate event, go for high end crystal glassware.

Size of the glassware

Glasses come in different sizes such as 1-ounce and 10 ounce glasses. The size of the glassware should depend on the drinks that you will be offering. If you will be offering tots you don’t need to invest in large glassware, but if offering beer you may consider larger units. To create variety and give dimension to the table top, go for glassware of different sizes. Regardless of the glass units that you are renting, rent from party rentals stocking high quality products.

Chairs Rentals: Types Of Party Chairs To Rent

chairs rentals

If throwing a wedding party or any other party you need chairs for your guest to sit on. Unlike before when you had to buy chairs, now you only need to rent them from chairs rentals in your local area. There are many types of party chairs that you can go for. The best ones include:

Folding rental chairs

Folding chairs are made from wood and metal. They are advantageous in that they are versatile and easy to transport. Wood folding chairs are the most common in wedding, graduation, and other special occasions. According to experts, wood adds a natural sophisticated look to your event. If you are going to have group settings during the party, go for metal folding chairs. Whether going for wood or metal folding chairs ensure that they match the theme of your event.

Plastic rental chairs

We can’t deny the impact that plastics have had on our lives. In addition to being easily available, they are also affordable. Plastic rental chairs are ideal for events where you don’t worry too much about the impression that you will give. Since they are cheap and easily available, they are ideal if planning an event on a tight budget. To create variety, go for chairs of different colors and designs.

Chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs are characterized by lack of arms. They come in different colors such as brown, silver, gold, black, mahogany, clear and white thus you will definitely get one that fits your theme. Most party rental companies will rent you each chair for $5-$10. Due to their elegant look, they are ideal for high profile entertainment events, weddings, and business events.

When renting them, ensure that they are in good condition. If renting plenty of them, ask for discounts from your rental company.

Rental Banquet chairs

Banquet chairs are common in wedding and bar mitzvah parties. They are made from wood or metal and are affordable. They come in different designs and styles and it’s up to you to choose the ones that are right for you. If the guests will be sitting for long, ensure that the seats are comfortable. This calls for you to go for those with plastic seats and metals. These hybrids are better and more comfortable than those made from plain metal.


These are some of the chairs that you can go for when throwing a party. For a great experience, rent from reputable local party rentals.