Chairs Rentals: Guide On How To Set Up Wedding Chairs

If you are having a wedding, you need to have chairs for the guests to sit on. It’s often recommended that you rent them from chairs rentals in your area. While the chair set up is often an overlook detail, it can cause problems on your wedding. To help you out, here are tips on how to set up your rental chairs during your big day:

Position the wedding chairs to face front

The event will be happening at the front of the tent thus you should position the chairs in that direction. Set them up in a way that you leave an isle at the middle of each row. For great results, ensure that the isle is at least 5 feet wide thus providing enough room for the bridal party to walk down easily.

Ensure that all the chairs are in the wedding tent

The trend has been people having outdoor weddings where they install wedding tents that they rent from wedding tent rentals. To protect your guests, ensure that all the chairs fit into the tent. This calls for you to rent a tent that is large enough to comfortably hold the chairs.

Reserve wedding chairs at the front for close family members

Since the family is the most concerned with the wedding, ensure that they occupy the front seats. The tradition has been that guests of the groom sit on the right side while guests closely related to the bride sit on the left side of the tent. You should stand in the back facing the front. If you are having a Jewish wedding, the sides are usually the opposite.

Be flexible with the chairs

While it’s recommended that you reserve the chairs for specific members of the family and guests, you shouldn’t be too strict on it. If the bride and groom have unequal numbers of guests, be flexible on how they sit. If one side has plenty of people than the other, ask some guests to move to the other side so that you don’t have one overcrowded side and one empty side.


To pull off a perfect wedding you need to pay close attention to the fine details. For your guests to be comfortable you need to ensure that the chairs are comfortable. This calls for you to rent high quality chairs from party rentals. Also ensure that the party tent is of high quality and matches the wedding theme.

How to Set Up Chairs in a Tent for a Wedding

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Tables and chairs are essential in any wedding as they contribute to make the guests feel comfortable during the ceremony. The process of setting up chairs for a wedding seems to be unimportant but overlooking it may cause some problems. So, plan ahead while getting table chair rentals for wedding because you may have limited area with a specific layout to consider.

Instructions for setting the chair

  • Position the chairs to face the front and leave an aisle right down in the middle of each row. This will help to allocate the same number of chairs on either side of the aisle. It would be better to have an aisle about 5 feet wide thus giving adequate space to bridal side people to walk down. Make sure not to allow wide rows as it will trouble the people and they may have to view the ceremony at a bad angle. Rather create more rows reaching farther back.
  • Arrange the chairs within the tent to stay away from inclement weather conditions. Choose party tents accordingly as nobody wants to have cram chairs into a tent. Take an idea as how much space the chair layout will cover before choosing a tent size from tent rentals.
  • Make plenty of space toward the front of the tent for the actual ceremony to take place. Ensue to leave adequate space for bride, groom and entire bridal party to feel comfortable under the tent. To ensure sufficient space, keep the middle chairs in the first row at least 8 to 10 feet away from the staging and dance floor.

Reserve some chairs

  • Some of the front chairs must be reserved for the close family members in all types of wedding tent rentals services. Each chair should be allocated to specific family people so that no extra chairs are available for anyone else. For instance, if the groom’s mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents are to sit in the first row then there should be only four chairs in that row.
  • In case, you are planning a big celebration then second row should be reserved for close extended family members and then the next rows for anyone involved in the ceremony. This will help to avoid scrambling between seats when it comes time for close ones to perform their parts in the ceremony.

Tent Alternatives

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While planning any outdoor wedding, there are several things that play an important role starting from the weather conditions to the decor. Party tents are the most preferred choice of protection during any event. No matter whatever you choose, it is best to have a sheltered location especially if it seems that weather would be unfavorable to make the event successful. There are several methods to use for the decoration of the tents. You can sew or buy a fabric tent liner to create a decorative piece of shell inside the tent. Fabric can be cut into panels and spaced evenly across the tent as decoration.


A canopy provides an option to make the venue more open in outdoor arrangements. The availability of different size of canopies can be arranged. The canopies are available in light fabric such as tulle or organza. Try to choose between the wedding colors or white. This feature allows to choose between a rectangular shape or circular sitting arrangement under round tables. The use of canopy also provides of decoration to the venue.


Pergolas are basically wooden structures made to protect an outdoor area. Such structures allow to hang lights and decorations. You can create your own pergola or choose a location on rent. In some circumstances, there are several choices to cover the structure from unfavorable weather conditions. This facility also provides a backup when things are not as planned. Use beautiful linen and décor for weddings to give an attractive look.

Gazebos or Covering Vines

Some of the wedding venues have built gazebos so that guests can plan an outdoor event without any worries related to environmental conditions. This gives the event managers complete peace of mind. Some of the wineries have built gazebos from growing vines up. This can be decorated with the help of colorful balloons and different types of lights, production and staging rentals.


The use of umbrellas seems to be the best choice for sunny wedding venues. The parasols help to offer shade and protection to your guests. During the event, divide the tables and cover with parasols for decoration and protection from weather conditions. In such type of wedding arrangements, staging and dance floor is usually in the open and you can use a canopy over the floor to add flair to it.

Planning for retirement party

tent rentalsA party favor is a kind of appreciation shared with guests in honor for the participation and attendance. Earlier, favors were presented at grand occasions like weddings and birthdays, but now times have changed and favors encompass several occasions from casual get-together to formal awards dinner. While planning a retirement party, make sure to get party rentals in the budget and offer favors.


Planning a party can be stressful and always determine as how many party supplies you need according to the number of guests. A little calculation helps to narrow down as what you’re going to serve for food. Always be ready to meet any unexpected guests.
Calculate the number of unexpected guests after you get an idea of confirmed guests. Consider the guests significant others and children. Get 10 to 15 extra of every supplies to meet the requirement of unexpected guests. For example, if you are planning to buy a pack of 30 paper plates then play safe and buy 50 packs.


Try to incorporate party tents into the decorations. You can also use small plants or fresh flowers for decoration. If time allows, create a number of personalized picture frames featuring the guest of honor with guests in candid shots. At the time of departure, invite everyone to collect their frame as a token of remembrance. It can be anything like inexpensive souvenirs or goodie bags. Make sure that they represent the spirit of celebration.


Most of us make best arrangements for buffet and bar service but forget about the requirement that might arise in the morning if party last all night. So, make morning snack bags well in advance. Get paper bags and fill each one with a jumbo muffin, a bottle of cappuccino, a fruit slice and a towel. For parties that are expected to end in the evening, consider handing each guest a box of chocolates or a small bag of gourmet coffee, tea bags, cocoa mix and a spoon at the time of departure.


It becomes easy to incorporate any game plan in case of a themed retirement party. Production and staging rentals plays an important role in retirement celebrations. Other options can be casino night or beach bash momentos. Casino nights could include decks of playing cards, dice, poker chips or lucky charms. Beach bash momentos consists of any number like sun block miniature tubes, pina colado drink mix, insulated drink holders etc.. Retirement parties with no defined theme can also make use of medical store products like denture cream, essential vitamins for elders and hair regrowth medicines.
So, what are you waiting for? Explore the ideas and plan a wonderful retirement bash.

Backyard and wedding reception tips

party-rentals-ny-0011If you’re planning to host your wedding or reception in your backyard then we have some great tips for you.

Elegant Backyard Wedding Ideas

Plan it:

Backyard weddings are great ways to save money on the venue space, although you must remember to consider several things before you commit to any idea. Do you have adequate space in your backyard for your wedding arrangements? Also, decide on the number of guests and what type of reception you would like to plan. Are you planning for a buffet and bar service? Each type of wedding reception can be planned in different capacities and talk to a rental company or catering company to get answers to your questions.

Theme it:

Whether you’re planning for a simple backyard wedding or an elaborate and elegant wedding design, the theme helps to decide on aesthetic decisions for the venue. Every theme can be planned by using different flowers, centerpieces, linens, chairs, catering choices, photo frames and more.

Tent it:

Tenting is one of the biggest recommendations. The various choices of wedding tent rentals provides the much needed shelter and give protection from sun or light breeze. Party tents also give privacy and provide decorating opportunities. The uses of tent rentals are great for backyard weddings.

Dance floor it:

Can you imagine a backyard wedding reception without a dance floor? Staging and dance floor gives a perfect platform to enjoy. Think of all those women wearing high heels and those poor blades of grass growing to create a danger zone and plan to rent a dance floor for guests to use as an alternate to grassy backyard or even a patio or deck.

Light it up:

Another interesting idea is that light up the backyard with a few beautiful strands of lights. The best party rentals companies recommend using stringing lights throughout the tent ceiling and wrapping them around trees. Consider using Chinese lanterns and candles on chairs, trees, tables and other natural shrubs to add to the entire décor. Wedding lightning is worth the upgrade every time.

Rent it:

Rent table and chair rentals for wedding from a rental company to meet the need of seating arrangements. Explore some more event decor ideas and know with whom to talk to for the best styles available in your budget. When you use caterer’s equipment rentals, you won’t have to worry about anything related to the take-down or setup. Another important thing to consider is the temperature of the serving equipments. So, consider renting equipment with temperature control.

Wedding reception set-up ideas

There are many stages to plan a successful party.Always use your creativity while brainstorming wedding reception set-up ideas as it reflects the taste of the couples. The couple remains as the center during the reception and they should have easy access to and from the guests as well as the staging and dance floor and the cake table.There are plenty of ways to plan a memorable reception without sacrificing style and making guests enjoy the reception.

Buffet and Bar service

The buffet and bar service with different types of food stations is the hottest trend in catering. Everyone will like the elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner with amazing variety of food served with China rentals.If you are keeping your guest list small, then everyone can move through the buffet line quickly and can avoid the extra aggravation. Buffets provide an opportunity to enjoy variety of foods and enable the guests to take as little or as much as they prefer. You can always decide whether to use an outside caterer or to cater the meal yourself to save money.Feast your eyes with the newest trend in parties with buffet and bar service. You’ll never think of the word “buffet” in the same way.

Specialty Tables

The head table should be situated so that all guests can view it. Consider placing empty vases on the table to put their boutiques in during the reception. It makes excellent centerpiece and keep the flowers fresh. Also, consider using catering equipment rentals to allow easy access to the guests to use them.

Guest Tables

The round tables for guests should be placed throughout the venue giving guests adequate area to walk and mingle. Various types of centerpieces can be used like large pillar candles, flower vases, glass bowls and other decorative items can be used to create a perfect decor. An interesting idea could be to naming the tables. It leads to proper organization of the entire event.

DJ and Dance Floor

Make sure to allocate 10 square feet of dance space to each and every couple. Staging and dance floor should accommodate at least 40 percent of the guests. It would be better to place DJ staging area near to the dance floor for better communication with head table. Think of using production and staging rentals to create a perfect area. In case of outdoor reception, then think of party tents to cover the dance area.