Party Rentals: Guide On How To Put Together A Great Outdoor Event

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An outdoor event comes with many benefits such as the ability to enjoy the beautiful weather while getting things done. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money decorating the event venue as there are flowers, trees, and other beautiful things to marvel at. For you to put together a great outdoor event you need to consider these tips:

Ensure that the party chairs are in place

Unless you are having a cocktail party or any other party where the guests will be standing the entire day, you need to have party chairs in place.  All you need to do is visit your local chair rentals and rent units that will look great on your venue. As rule of thumb ensure that the chairs compliment the theme of the event.

Play good music at the outdoor event

At an indoor event, it’s possible for the guests to interact with each other without the need of music but this isn’t the case with an outdoor event. An outdoor event will feel stale without music. The music that you play solely depends on the type of party that you are having and the guests present. If having a teenager’s party, you should play loud music but if having mature people present, play soft music.

To give the guests a much fun as possible, it’s wise that you have a dance floor in place. The cool thing is that there are plenty of production and staging rental companies that you can rent the dance floor from. Make sure that the dance floor is easy to install and matches the party theme.

Rent a party tent

Unless you are absolutely sure that the weather will be great, it’s important that you rent a tent from your local party tent rentals. Party tents come in different sizes, colors, and designs. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. The shelters will protect you from the harsh sun, rain and any other weather elements that might try to interrupt your party.  The tents also come in handy when marking the areas that the guest should focus on.


These are the tips that you need to pay attention to when putting together an outdoor event. If you don’t have time to put together a great event, consider hiring an expert from your local party rentals. The professional should be experienced and of good reputation.

Table Decorating Ideas for Parties

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Decorating table for parties beautifully contributes a lot to the success of any party. For any type of party, table decorations play a significant role in the overall appearance of the environment. Use fun event décor ideas for theme parties to add a great deal of personality to the event. Make sure to focus on the table décor to give the best set-up to your party.

Table Coverings

Fine cloth linen demonstrates a comfortable sense of class and style to cover every table. Linen and décor for weddings add a rich appeal to the event. Table runners can be added across the round tables and colorful or designed covering can be used for theme parties. There are many different types of table coverings available at party rentals with images imprinted and can be used for various purposes. Bright and chic colors may be used to add flair to a casual event and enhance the overall look of the venue in a tremendous way. You can also rent table covers, runners and overlays from party supplies store.

Decorative Centerpieces

The use of different types of decorative pieces and floral arrangements helps to enhance the look of any event. The different items can be used for centerpieces according to the theme rather than just using standard flower centerpieces. Be innovative and choose items according to the theme. Even casual events can be made interesting by using fun bowls of candy or coffee beans. Candles are also a good way to decorate the table and make everything look appealing.

Table Settings

Fine porcelain or China with silverware set on folded cloth napkins adds a polished touch to the entire table decorations. This makes your party more cultured. Parties with a theme have plates and napkins according to the colors and designs used in the table arrangements and coverings. The casual party can be planned with simple coffee mugs and plate settings appropriate for the buffet and bar service. Such parties also use brighter colors for place setting pieces and co-ordinates best with rest of the table décor. Overall, giving final touches helps to seal the decorations and create best table settings to make it really special for everyone.

So, discuss with other production members to gain insight into decoration and production and staging rentals. Event planners always have visual images of what they’re planning to achieve or certain moods aiming to evoke. Make sure to make some efforts and collect some pictures of similar events online and share them with other production members to get a perfect setting as you desire.

Promotional Activity Ideas

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Promotional ideas involve audience members and help to increase the effectiveness of the event. Partnering with several businesses with adequate resources proves useful and transforms the event as the main attraction in specific locations. Promotional activities are a great way to attract more customers to business. Such events help to make networking stronger with prospective customers and make them involved. These events can be simple like an informational session or can be made interesting with a carnival for the families. Read on to know more about some interesting promotional activity ideas and that are easy to manage and get event decor rentals to plan the best events.

Campus Contests

Invite fraternities from local colleges to compete for a position. Offer prizes like free souvenirs, passes to other similar kind of events etc.. You can also invite students from different colleges to compete in a contest that demonstrates who can get the maximum number of seats in the event. Allocate different colors to different teams or reserve special seating area for easy identification. Always host the contest in a carnival-type environment so that contestants enjoy playing. Such type of campus contests are promotional ideas and help to encourage audience participation. The opportunities are endless and a properly planned and well promoted event always proves to be a big success

Pre and Post Game Activities

Host pre and post game to increase the number of people in the event. Pre-game activities can be live performances, staging and dance floor , tailgate parties etc.. A pep rally featuring cheerleaders and team introductions can also be planned. Post game activities include award ceremonies to honor the best players, buffet and bar service, press conference etc.. Post game activities also help to choose the team for incentives offer them exclusive access to athletes.

Table Tents

Use table tents and put banners that promote your event and display them at local restaurants, coffee shops and college cafeteria. Corporate tents can also be used for sporting events as it provides direct access to the target customers.

Fashion Show

It’s not necessary to be a fashion company to plan a fashion show. Fashion shows are a great activity and can be planned with lots of creativity. Use production and staging rentals and put on a fashion show filled with fashion students from the top colleges to create the fashions and use it as a contest for them. It will be an exciting activity that benefits everyone involves.

Tent Alternatives

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While planning any outdoor wedding, there are several things that play an important role starting from the weather conditions to the decor. Party tents are the most preferred choice of protection during any event. No matter whatever you choose, it is best to have a sheltered location especially if it seems that weather would be unfavorable to make the event successful. There are several methods to use for the decoration of the tents. You can sew or buy a fabric tent liner to create a decorative piece of shell inside the tent. Fabric can be cut into panels and spaced evenly across the tent as decoration.


A canopy provides an option to make the venue more open in outdoor arrangements. The availability of different size of canopies can be arranged. The canopies are available in light fabric such as tulle or organza. Try to choose between the wedding colors or white. This feature allows to choose between a rectangular shape or circular sitting arrangement under round tables. The use of canopy also provides of decoration to the venue.


Pergolas are basically wooden structures made to protect an outdoor area. Such structures allow to hang lights and decorations. You can create your own pergola or choose a location on rent. In some circumstances, there are several choices to cover the structure from unfavorable weather conditions. This facility also provides a backup when things are not as planned. Use beautiful linen and décor for weddings to give an attractive look.

Gazebos or Covering Vines

Some of the wedding venues have built gazebos so that guests can plan an outdoor event without any worries related to environmental conditions. This gives the event managers complete peace of mind. Some of the wineries have built gazebos from growing vines up. This can be decorated with the help of colorful balloons and different types of lights, production and staging rentals.


The use of umbrellas seems to be the best choice for sunny wedding venues. The parasols help to offer shade and protection to your guests. During the event, divide the tables and cover with parasols for decoration and protection from weather conditions. In such type of wedding arrangements, staging and dance floor is usually in the open and you can use a canopy over the floor to add flair to it.

Wedding reception set-up ideas

There are many stages to plan a successful party.Always use your creativity while brainstorming wedding reception set-up ideas as it reflects the taste of the couples. The couple remains as the center during the reception and they should have easy access to and from the guests as well as the staging and dance floor and the cake table.There are plenty of ways to plan a memorable reception without sacrificing style and making guests enjoy the reception.

Buffet and Bar service

The buffet and bar service with different types of food stations is the hottest trend in catering. Everyone will like the elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner with amazing variety of food served with China rentals.If you are keeping your guest list small, then everyone can move through the buffet line quickly and can avoid the extra aggravation. Buffets provide an opportunity to enjoy variety of foods and enable the guests to take as little or as much as they prefer. You can always decide whether to use an outside caterer or to cater the meal yourself to save money.Feast your eyes with the newest trend in parties with buffet and bar service. You’ll never think of the word “buffet” in the same way.

Specialty Tables

The head table should be situated so that all guests can view it. Consider placing empty vases on the table to put their boutiques in during the reception. It makes excellent centerpiece and keep the flowers fresh. Also, consider using catering equipment rentals to allow easy access to the guests to use them.

Guest Tables

The round tables for guests should be placed throughout the venue giving guests adequate area to walk and mingle. Various types of centerpieces can be used like large pillar candles, flower vases, glass bowls and other decorative items can be used to create a perfect decor. An interesting idea could be to naming the tables. It leads to proper organization of the entire event.

DJ and Dance Floor

Make sure to allocate 10 square feet of dance space to each and every couple. Staging and dance floor should accommodate at least 40 percent of the guests. It would be better to place DJ staging area near to the dance floor for better communication with head table. Think of using production and staging rentals to create a perfect area. In case of outdoor reception, then think of party tents to cover the dance area.

Decorate your stage beautifully with party rentals

Decorating a stage stretches your imagination. A beautifully decorated stage makes you enter into a creative world to make everyone enjoy. The task to create something spectacular may not be easy but setting up a few parameters and collecting inspiration can make the complete process of decoration as a joy to deal with. Stage decoration and party rentals holds great importance in all events, especially in weddings. A wedding decoration can be considered as incomplete without decorating a beautiful stage. The production and staging rentals can transform your event as a remarkable and memorable occasion for everyone. Read on to know more about some creative ideas to make best arrangements in most of the events:

Decide the parameters

Determine the type of production and staging rentals required in the event depending upon the participants and audience. This helps to decide some of the restrictive factors that affect decoration ideas. If you need staging and dance floor for a dance show then choose an area with adequate open area. If you’re designing a children’s theatre production then use bold and bright patterns. Always choose from classy and sophisticated decorations for wedding arrangements. No matter, whatever designs you choose, trace out other limitations or building codes before making the arrangements.

Gain useful insights and inspiration

Discuss with the other production members to gain useful insights to event décor ideas. They provide some visual images or perhaps they have certain themes to evoke to create a perfect setting. Find resources to get pictures of similar events that act as inspiration and try to motivate other members to share other creative designs and ideas.
In weddings, the big day is mainly of bride and groom. To highlight the happiness of the couple, choose several special photographs from their lives and convert them to black and white at a photo kiosk and place them in classic frame and use for display at standing frames. Another interesting idea could be to let nature inspire you-collect flowers, beautiful stones or branches and arrange them or think of using several pieces of tree trunks as platforms.

Create a beautiful stage

Place a few bold decorative pieces, amazing lighting and party supplies to get the best advantage of production and staging rentals. Make sure to choose sturdy pieces to offer adequate support and complement the entire decoration.
Decoration depends on the requirement of the event and following a few ideas gives a starting point. Choose a color scheme that goes well with the theme of the event. Decorate the stage with amazing event décor ideas to re-create a setting.