Best Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

Looking for wedding tent ideas? Wedding tents provide best outdoor alternative and transform any celebration into a once in a lifetime event. Tents offer shelter for outdoor events from extreme weather conditions. A little creativity and a broad vision can make your tent wedding pleasing and memorable for everyone. So, when it comes to decorating a wedding tent, there are a few special considerations.

Lighting Your Tent

Lighting plays an important role in tent reception. Talk to your tent rentals company about types of lighting options they can provide. The use of pole lights, accent spots, colored or patterned gels or even a disco-ball gives your guests an enjoying light effect. Another interesting idea could be to use small lights along the ceiling circumference to outline the tent’s dimension.Or, hang paper lanterns lit with electric bulbs at the peaks to give an elegant look to your venue.
You can also set small tea lights as the centerpieces. Make sure that the lighting reflects your personality and overall theme or style

Decorate the Tent Poles

Wedding tent rentals come in all sizes and styles. Most of the tent rentals have a number of interior support poles with a large center pole. Dress up these poles by wrapping them in bunched sheets or add ribbons. The use of strings of small white lights work best when tucked into the fabric and gives added benefit of lighting up the poles to create a beautiful look.

Decorative Elements

Flowers and greenery gives a natural touch to the outdoor mood of a tent reception.Work out with your florist to design centerpieces to complement the entire look of the tent. The use of high quality fabrics or sheer cloth can be used to add color or texture to wedding tent rentals. Consider covering strands of lights with tulle or cascaded of draped cloth. Linen rentals give the perfect ambiance to the wedding party.


When it comes to decoration of staging and dance floor then set the tables and chairs in a pattern to bring guest’s attention on focal points in the tent. Decorate the paths at the venue with designer runners. Use a decorative carpet on the stage where the bride and groom will stand. Follow the latest trend with Led and Lounge furniture.
Wedding receptions are often the most intimate and exciting part and wedding tent ideas make the reception even more memorable. Though, receptions can be held indoor as well but a tent reception allows the guests to experience the feel of an outdoor wedding. wedding tent rentals make the venue eye-catching and make it look more elegant.

Plan a memorable event with wedding party supplies

linen and decor for weddings

Getting married! Of course, you want your big day to be perfect. You need to look no further than wedding tent rentals and other services to ensure everything goes off smoothly.
Deciding on the style and color of tent needs to be determined first, so make sure to decide your theme. Wedding tent rentals brings delightful choice of colors and gracious styles with enhanced flexibility and choice of decor. Discuss with your planner on the small but important details like linen and decor for weddings . You might like to plan happy evenings with your family and wedding attendants at your home over the preceding months to make the best arrangements.

Choose the best wedding party supplies

While planning for your wedding, choose the best party supplies to plan a memorable event for everyone. The best way to go ahead is to hire a wedding planner. But if this sort of luxury does not suits your budget then browse the best party tent rentals and save your time and money.
One of the most popular wedding party supplies includes renting a tent. Tents range from small canopies to massive structures that are very strong. Often, when renting a tent, a representative will come to your venue to help you choose the best based on the type of wedding, number of guests and date. All the tent and other linen and décor for weddings will be set up on the day before the party. Other popular supplies includes staging and dance floor. Many times, the rental company includes all the settings by choosing the right place for dance floor and main stage.

Be practical and make a right choice

Many couples envision an outdoor wedding and they imagine their vows in a spectacular and sentimental setting but make sure not to forget the planning your event in practical way. Every outdoor arrangement needs wedding tent rentals to give an awesome look to your outdoor setting. Browse through the different ways to decorate the tent and enhance the overall look of the venue with best lounge furniture and décor for weddings.
Also, different types of decorations within the tent give the best feel of the open surroundings and make the event romantic. Ensure to hire a company that can wrap the tent poles as it adds texture and color to the entire wedding arrangements.
So, celebrate a couple’s love in the outdoors with the best staging and dance floor and capture this feeling by working out on the entire venue in the best possible way

Decorate your party with Lounge Furniture Rentals

party rental service

Parties give a great opportunity to celebrate happiness and success with love ones. When it comes to organizing a party, there are plenty of things which require to be managed. Whatever kind of party it is, with proper planning and right efforts you can make it an unforgettable event.

Making party arrangements

To ensure the party you host is enjoyed by each and every guest, you will have to make proper arrangements. Plan ahead about guest list, venue, decoration, menu, catering and of course seating arrangement. The party table and chair rental is an easy option for making guest seated comfortably. However, nowadays luxury lounge furniture is also available on rent. The good furniture can adorn the party decoration and offer lavish seating arrangement that not only look good but also provide comfortable seating facility.

Lounge Furniture Rentals suitable for every event

Lounge furniture is apt for wedding reception, birthday parties, corporate event or any other such special occasion. The high quality party lounge furniture can suit every venue and party theme. The custom-build and crafted furniture can become highlight of party decoration. With the help of lounge furniture rental, any outdoor venue can become comfy and beautiful party destination.

The lounge furniture rentals give you an ultimate option to create a comfortable seating area and a relaxed ambiance for your party guests to take sheer pleasure of your party. These modern party accessories can leave a unique and memorable impression of your party on your guests. The typical party furniture available on rent are- sofas, benches, armchairs, LED furniture etc. Above all, you will get choices in color, design and size, so that you can opt for furniture which goes with your party theme and decoration.

Renting the lounge furniture is not a new thing these days. You might have also seen these striking rental items in the parties you have attend. The lounge furniture are just one phone call away from your event, yes you can get these furniture setup at your party venue by just making a call to the best party rental service provider near you.

Transform your party into an unforgettable experience with modern lounge furniture!


Things you must know for table and chair rental

While planning a wedding or an event you can easily get bogged down taking care of all the major details to make your event successful and forget to check on minor yet important details like the table and chair rental. Renting tables and chair sounds easy process but actually, if proper attention is not given while hiring a rental service provider, it can spoil your event easily.

What a good table and chair rental can do?

Different types of parties require different types of rental items. You cannot keep a chair meant for a wedding reception into a corporate party or birthday party. It will look out of place and spoil the decoration of whole event. What you should do in such situation? Where to find a table and chair rental according to the occasion and theme of the event? Well, the answer of the both questions is so easy! You can find all the rental items required for your event from a party rental service provider. The party rental service provider can help you to select the best items for your event. However, it is important that you keep a few things in mind while selecting the table and chair rental for your event.

Tips for renting table and chair!

#1: The size of gathering: It is important to determine the tentative number of guest attending your event, to get proper seating arrangement done.

#2: The theme: Theme of the party is another aspect that you should take care while renting tables and chairs. Make sure that you set a theme prior placing order for any rental item. As hiring a rental service after deciding the party theme will bring all the rental items in sync with your party theme.

#3: Party occasion: To get appropriate table and chair rental for your party, it is important that you disclose the purpose of your celebration to the rental service provider. The party rental professionals can help you better in selecting appropriate tables and chairs. You need to be careful while choosing these rental items for your event, as the task of selecting table and chair rental may sound easy but it is not that simple.

Tips for choosing best party rental items

party rentals

Hosting an amusing party can be really very hectic and time-consuming, especially when you have to look for every aspect of party like guest list, decoration, entertainment, music, theme, venue and menu, and that too in limited party budget! Therefore, it becomes important to find a reputable party rental company which offers a wide variety of rental items to ensure your party guests remember each and every moment of your event for a long time.

Choosing the best party rentals

Nowadays, party rental companies are turning out to be really very helpful in organizing a successful party within specified budget. You neither have to spend a lot of money nor have to roam entire city to find party items. A good party rental company will have all what you need beneath one roof. So, instead of raiding different shops for different items, find one party rental company which has all party items.

Expert advice on party rentals

#1: Rent enough tables and chairs for your guests: Considering table and chair rentals can be a smart idea. You can rent as many numbers of tables and chairs as much you need for the party. You can even rent artificial flowers and table decoration items. By doing this, you can save a good sum of money and after party; you need not have to worry about their storage.

#2: Rent unique things and look for the best deals: Instead of renting regular items, you can rent some unique items. There are some unusual items like wonderful bone china dishes, adorable silverware, cotton candy machine, dance floors, popcorn machines etc. These unusual items can enhance the decoration and fun to your party.

#3: Delivery and pickup: Opt for the party rental company which provides delivery and pickup services so that you can relax before and after the party. Normally, all good party rental companies offer this service for free or charge minimal delivery charges.

#4: Affable staff members: Rental work becomes easy when you have affable people to deal with. Before selecting any random party rental company, have a talk with their staff. Many party rental companies have smart staff members who will not only describe about party rental items, but also help you in party planning.

Tent rentals for every events

professional rental serviceTent makes it possible for people to gather, rejoice, and commemorate an outdoor event. A luxury tent can create a jaw-dropping statement.  Therefore, tent rental should be an important part of your party planning.

Make momentous occasions unforgettable with beautiful tents.

A beautiful tent can turn any location into a perfect venue for celebrations. Today, you can find a large variety of styles and sizes in tents, such as frame tents, century tents, canopy, tents with clear top etc. These tents can be customized to fit your space requirements and can be installed in small backyard to beach side party venue.

If your event is small, you can opt for frame tents. These tents can be as narrow as 10 feet. Frame tents are held by the pipe framework from the ceiling and pipes are covered with a fabric liner. In case, you are hosting a party at grand scale and have an extensive guest list, the pole or tension tent will be ideal choice for you. These tents allow accommodation of a large number of guests.  Also, if you are thinking about hosting an open air ceremony, then it will be a smart idea to reserve a party tent as a backup alternative. The backup tent will not let your ceremony spoiled by rain or sun.

Tent rentals: For birthday, wedding and corporate parties

The party rental or tent rental companies have big inventory to offer you tents for every occasion, including but not limited to wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, funeral, and anniversaries. These companies have a special crew for creative installation of tents at diverse outdoor venues. Also, the friendly advice and cheerful attitude of staff members will help you in selecting a perfect tent for your event.

Many tent rental companies offer complete event rental services, providing everything which you require under a tent for your event: chairs, tables, linens, and curtains, in addition to lighting, flooring, heating or air-conditioning units, generators and even portable restrooms. This is why selecting right tent rental company is vital for hosting a successful party.

Have fun at outdoor parties in luxury tents!

Food carts: interesting rental items for an outdoor party

 champagne fountain rentalCan you imagine an outdoor party without the smell of tasty food in the environment? An event without food sounds empty isn’t it? If you are planning to host an outdoor party or a small get-together for your friends and family, then the food carts and machines can add more fun to your event. These machines can automatically drift the attention of people towards mouth watering food.

Food and Fun carts rental

The food and fun carts rental are ideal for school carnivals, outdoor parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraising events etc. With the help of amazing food carts and machines you can bring fun in any boring event for your guests to remember.

The assortment of fun food machine rentals can entertain people of every age group. No matter you have invited grandmothers or grandsons in your party; they are surely going to have arrant level of fun in your fun packed party and they will talk about it long after your party has come to an end.

Fun carts allow you to treat your guests with carnival type fluffy and tasty cotton candy, refreshing snoknoes, and yummy chocolate fountain. Even if your party is an all adult party, then the champagne fountain rental can make your party divine. By simply renting the food carts and machines from a well known party rental company, you can organize a fun filled event.

Where to find the food cart and machines?

Now if you are thinking where you can find these fun rental items for your party? Then your problem is solved here itself. Renting food and fun carts is now easy like never before. As there are a number of party rental companies which are ready to help you with their large inventory of fun machines. You just have to place your order and they will deliver the party equipment at your party venue.

So, find an experienced and well known company around you and rent their machines for your event. As an experienced rental company will not only provide you with fabulous food carts and machine rentals but will also help you to organize a fun event. 


How to set up a Bar for a Party?

party rental

Whether you are throwing a grand Christmas party or a small dinner for family and friends, having a fully equipped bar to make the delightful cocktail is the ideal way to start an evening.

The Bar Necessities

The party guests often stand and mingle over drinks. In case, you don’t have the necessary cocktail equipment, you can easily rent cocktail glasses, bar set, blender, bar stool, bar counter etc. And make your cocktail party lavishing and memorable. These items will not only highlight the presence of bar at your party venue, but also impress your party guests.

Cocktail party guide

You are organizing a cocktail party or including a bar in your party, you should serve a variety of drinks like wine, vodka, champagne, brandy and beer to your guests. Different people have different tastes and with the availability of variety of drinks you can win hearts of your party guests. Also, include some non-alcoholic drinks in your bar and let non-alcoholic guests take pleasure from the bar.

A party bar should also have a collection of tasteful glassware. Your bar will look incredibly attractive with all sorts of glasses like short rocks glasses, tall glasses, wine glasses, brandy snifter glasses, champagne flutes, water goblet, double rock glasses, martini glasses, margarita glass, cocktail glasses etc. These glasses will adorn your bar counter. As you are serving a variety of boozes, you should have glassware which complements the drinks.

The bar supplies like champagne bucket and ice bucket have their importance at the bar. You should make these stuffs available at the bar.  And, of course, do not forget to put the bar equipment like shaker, jigger, muddler, extra-long bar spoon and a strainer at the bar counter.

Finally, adorn your bar perfectly with the bar stools. The party guests usually enjoy drinking on a stool. Not much, but you should at least have 8 to 10 bar stools at your cocktail party venue. Well, after reading all these bar necessities, if you are worried about your party budget, then do not waste your precious time in thinking. Just opt for bar supplies rental. You can get each and every bar equipment on rent.

Now’s the time to think about party rental items

party rentalsThis is party season- Holiday, Christmas and New Year parties are lined up. And obliviously you will have to host one or more party for your friends.

Small-Quantity Party Rentals

In this party season, you might find the need of big and small things to host a good party. Instead of purchasing party items, you should think about party rentals. The party rental items let you host party, according to your plan and within your budget. There are incredibly amazing party items available for rent that makes a long lasting impression on party guests.

Popular small quantity party rental items

#1: Tables and Chairs: Of course, you do not want your party guest to stand all the time. No matter how many tables and chair you have at your premises, they are neither apt nor sufficient for party guests. In order to full fill the requirement of tables and chairs, you can rent it from a party rental company. You can rent tables and chair in small as well as in big quantity.

#2: Plates and Silverware: Plates and Silverware make a solid impression on party guests. To win your party guests, only tasty food is not sufficient. You will have to serve that tasty food in adorable plates. Paper and plastic plates are so out of trend. Renting plates and silverware is a perfect option.

#3: Glassware: Presence of shining glassware at your party venue is a classic party decoration. Obviously, drinks are going to be a part of your party, so you need glassware to serve the drinks. You can easily rent variety of glasses.

#4: Cutlery: Yes, even designer cutlery is available on rent. You can rent as number of cutlery items you want. Availability of oodles of cutlery items in your party will make your party convenient for your guests.

#5: Linens:  You can provide a festive feel to your party by decorating your tables with Linens. You can rent Linens in a number of colors like white, ivory, beige, camel, khaki and many more.

#6: Decoration items: Parties look incomplete without decoration. With the help of lights, flowers, and other decoration items you can decorate your party venue like a paradise.

Are you well equipped for your Christmas party?

party rentalsWith the arrival of winter, the most awaited festival of every time-Christmas is also coming near. And if you are planning to have a big Christmas party this year, then you should start finding a good party rental service provider as soon as you can.

The party rental services

Obviously it is not possible to host a great party with just a bunch of drinks and a pack of potato chips. To make your party really an enjoyable event for your family and friends, you should consider seeking help from a party rental service provider. The rental service can make your party more organized and can utilize your party space in a better way than you.

Add more color to your Christmas party with party rentals!!

Creating significant memories does not always require draining your energy as well as your wallet. With proper planning and right execution, it is always possible to host an entertaining and memorable Christmas party.

Start your party planning with a delicious menu. Save time by finalizing the guest list and validate grocery requirements upfront. Prepare a checklist and plan out your deadline so there remains no last minute surprises for you! Try to save your sanity by opting for party dishes which can be prepared in advance. Now, check out the wine glasses, cutlery, crockery etc. In case, your existing crockery and cutlery is not sufficient for party guests, then opt for crockery and cutlery rental.

After menu, think about party decoration. Decoration is the soul of Christmas party, so decorate your party venue with colorful props, flowers and lights. If you do not have party decoration items, then instead of purchasing these expensive stuffs, choose party rental items.

Check out the seating arrangement. You need to make sure that you have sufficient chair or furniture to get your party guests seated adequately. The table and chair rental is a handy option for you. Also, if you are willing to host a luxury Christmas party, you can go with lounge furniture rental. The luxury furniture can transform any random party venue into a high-class party paradise.