All About Buffet And Bar Service

If having an informal party, you should consider having a buffet and bar service.

Benefits of buffet service

There are plenty of benefits that come with putting up the service. One of the benefits is that it’s much cheaper. This is because it’s easy to prepare. You also require a number of staff to put it together.

For example, when you are having a seated party, you need one server for every 10-15 guests, but when having a buffet, you need one server for every 25-30 guests.

Another benefit of choosing the service is that it’s easy to arrange. When you are having a seated party, you need to collect RSVPs so that you can order the right food for the guests but when you are having a buffet, you prepare all the food, and the guests choose the ones that they want.

Another reason you should go for the buffet service is that it’s flexible. Since you can prepare different types of foods, you can include even the ethnic foods in your menu, and you will be good to go.

Finally, the buffet is more casual thus giving your event a relaxed feeling. This not only makes the event livelier, but the guests also have time to interact.

Tips on how to set up the buffet table

The key to making the buffet a success is arranging the tables properly. If you don’t have tables, you don’t have to worry as you can always rent them from the local party rentals. When you are setting up the table, set it at the center of the room.

This is to give people enough space to choose the food they want to eat. Setting the table in the middle also reduces congestion.

Although, the food should be the primary focus, you should decorate the party table. The best way of doing it is using fabrics. You can use a plain color or one with small patterns that don’t take all the attention.

To give the table an interesting look, consider adding levels to it. You can achieve this using bowls and plates that have a pedestal base or plate stands. You also should present the food in an interesting way that excites the guests.


High-Quality is what you need to know about the buffet table and how to set it up properly. To give your party an elegant look, rent high-quality tables from a reputable party supplies company.

Kitchen Rentals: Tips On How To Keep Food Costs Low In Your Corporate Event

Food is an integral part of any event whether you are having the party with your friends or having a business party. To have an easy time putting together the meals you should work with reputable kitchen rentals.

Food can be expensive if you aren’t cautious; therefore, if you are operating on a budget you need to do a number of things to keep the costs down. To help you out, here are some of the things you should do to keep the catering costs low when having a corporate event:

Go for a simple/lighter menu

Corporate events are known for their extravagant dinners, but this doesn’t have to be always the case. To keep the costs down, you should serve light foods. To ensure that the guests feel satisfied even when the meals are light, you should schedule the event after lunch or dinner.

This is to ensure that the guests or employees have already eaten before they come to the event.

If you can only have the event before the lunch or dinner, ask the caterer to set up a buffet service, which is usually cheaper. You also should consider asking the caterer to include cheap foods on the menu.

Work with small catering companies

Obviously, when you are having a corporate event it’s rare that you will have people to prepare the food—you have to hire a catering company to help you out. When you are operating on a budget, you need to be cautious of the company you hire as hiring the wrong one can greatly inflate your costs.

As rule of thumb, avoid large companies with a big brand as they tend to charge more as they have more overhead costs. You should work with a reputable small company that will not only charge you a smaller fee, but also provide you with personalized service.

Invite a few guests

Most of the business parties are open where the guests come with their friends and family members, but when you have the eye on the cost, you can’t do this. To cut the costs, eliminate any people that aren’t part of the staff. You can also have the event during the weekdays or during the business hours when few or no non-staff members are likely to attend.


These are tips given by rental companies on how you can reduce your food costs in your coming business party. For a great experience, rent good quality party rentals NY.

Party Supplies: Tips On How To Save Money When Having Your Wedding

party supplies

Weddings are expensive affairs, but it doesn’t have to be always the case. To help you out, here are tips on how to spend less when having your dream wedding:

Tips when having your wedding

Find the right venue: There are many venues where you can have your wedding, but no two sites are the same. To save money, you should go for a venue that allows you to prepare your food.

Here you only need to hire a professional chef and rent the cooking items from the kitchen rentals, and you will be good to go. To save even more money, hire the chefs from your local college.

Hire the wedding attire: If you have done a wedding before you will agree with me that the wedding dress is one of the most expensive units for the party. Instead of buying the outfit, consider renting it from your local store.

Go the buffet way: There is no wedding without food. There are two main ways in which you can serve it: sit down or buffet. If having a highly formal wedding you should strictly have the sit-down service, but if the event isn’t too formal, you should go for the buffet and bar service.

Here you need to hire a few tables and after preparing the food, place it on the table so that the guests can serve themselves.

This option is great as you don’t have to prepare a lot of food. You also don’t need to hire many people to help you in serving the food. When organizing the tables, place them in such a way that you don’t create a clog such that the people are unable to move.

Watch the table decorations: You have to decorate your party, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg doing so. As rule of thumb, you should avoid expensive table decorations. For example, avoid costly flower arrangements. Instead, go for candles and flower petals.

Check your timing: When are you having your party? If you will be having it during the high season you will obviously have to pay more; therefore, always have it during the low season.


These are tips to consider for you to save money during your wedding. For you to save more money, avoid inviting useless people to your event. This way you won’t hire a lot of party supplies thus save a lot of money.

Party Rentals: Tips On How To Save Money On Your Wedding

party rentals

Are you planning on having a wedding? In addition to working with party rentals thus you don’t have to buy all the supplies, there are plenty of other ways in which you can save money during your big day. Here are some of these ways:

Watch out for the venue

This is where you will be having the wedding. Since you will be having the wedding only once in your life, it doesn’t mean that you should spend all of your money on it. There are plenty of beautiful venues that you can have access to for a small fee or even for free. For example, you can access your church hall for free. All you need to do is ask the church leaders about it.

If you want to have an elegant wedding in a beautiful, popular venue, you should have the wedding during the offseason. This is usually between November and April when only a few people are getting married. During this time, you will get the best rates which will see you saving a lot.

Go for cheaper foods

Experts approximate that food accounts for almost half of the party’s budget. You have two options when it comes to the food: you can order it from the neighboring restaurants or prepare it at the party venue. To save money, you should make it at the venue. All you need to do is hire a caterer.

To save money that you would have spent hiring kitchen rentals, ask the caterer to come with his/her supplies. If you don’t have the budget to hire the caterer, you can ask the friends and relatives to help you with the food preparation.

When it comes to serving the food, you don’t have to go for an elegant, seated meal—a simple buffet and bar service is enough.

Reduce the number

How many people will be attending the party? Are they important to you? You need to think about this. Remember that the more the people you invite to the event, the more you will pay. To keep the costs down, you should keep the guest number down. This calls for you to invite the people that are important. These include the parents, close relatives, and friends. You should trim young children and individuals that you aren’t close to.


These are some of the things you can do to save money during your wedding. When working with the party supplies companies, ensure that they are reputable and highly experienced in their area.

Buffet And Bar Service Tips

buffet and bar service

When having a party, food is an important part. In fact, how and type of food you serve can destroy or make your party. While there are many ways, you can serve your food, one of the best in serving it as a buffet. In addition to the buffet and bar service giving the guests an opportunity to serve their food, it also saves you time as you don’t have to hire many people to serve the food.

Buffet service tips

Before you do anything, you need to know the number of guests that will be attending the party. This calls for you to contact the guests that you had invited and confirm their attendance. This not only helps you to know the right party supplies that you should rent, but it also guides you on the right amount of food that you should prepare.

Many people have a problem with the right place to put the buffet table. The location should be informed by the size and shape of the available space. Some people put the table against the wall. While doing this saves space, it often results to jam as the guests try to serve themselves. The best way of going about it is setting it up in such a way that the guests can access it from both sides. By doing this, you enhance the movement of the guests. You also make it easy for the guests to intermingle when serving themselves.

If the look of the party is important to you, you should go ahead and decorate the party tables, but you don’t always have to do it. To decorate the table, you should simply drape the table so that it’s fully covered to the ground. You can also add flowers to the table but take caution that they aren’t too close to the food.

When placing the food, pay close attention to how you put the food. Before you put the food, think about how the guests will move. As rule of thumb, ensure that the food is organized in a logic manner. Place the plates on one side of the table, followed by the main course, salads and then vegetables. You should then wrap the cutlery in napkins and place them at the end of the table.


These are buffet serving tips that you should be aware of. To have an easy time and give your party a great look, hire the equipment from reputable kitchen rentals. Ensure that the equipment you hire matches your party theme.

Buffet And Bar Service: Tips To Serving A Buffet

buffet and bar service

Fancy hosting friends or relatives for a dinner or a Sunday brunch but no idea on how to go about it? Have no worries, here are some simple tips to help you serve the best buffet and bar service.

Buffet tips

Positioning the table: Place the table away from the main eating area. This will make sure that guests mingle with each other as they move around. You will also be able to control the crowd that usually forms around the food.

Plates at the start, cutlery, and napkins at the end: This will also help the guests to hold their plates with a lot of ease. You can roll the cutlery together to make their picking to be easy.

Intersperse the new and the traditional dishes: This enables the guests to try out your new dishes rather than congregating around favorite dishes only.

Separate the drink station: A buffet service cannot be enjoyable without drinks. Just like food, when the drinks are kept away the guests will have to move around and mingle more. The drinks may range from tea, coffee or even other mixed drinks.

Space for the main course: Everyone would like to have a taste of the main course; therefore, it is wise to give it a plenty of room to reduce congestion.

Stacks are attractive: For small items such as muffins, cookies, and canapés, make them look even more beautiful by placing them on tiered cake plates.

One step at a time: People love surprises, why spoil the fun by serving everything at once? This gives you the power to control the party rhythm and keep everyone guessing. Your guests will also have a chance to rest as they digest other foods.

Food presentation: Having the meals served in utensils or other easy-to-grab portions will make it easy for your guests to hold them using one hand. For example, cutting the bread and pies into slices or having a spoon that is long and shallow for grabbing mashed potatoes from a bowl. This will ensure that the queue flows quickly. It will also make the whole serving area appear neat and attractive.

Dressing the salad: It will be better if the salad dressing is left off the salad. This is to prevent it from wilting the salad and also letting the guests make their choice.


These are tips on how to serve a great buffet. If you don’t have enough party supplies, you can always rent from the local party rentals.

Buffet And Bar Service: Tips To Consider When Having Bar Service At Your Party


A party is a fun event and one of the ways of having a great time is having a bar service in your party. When having a bar in your party here are tips that you should consider:

Comply with the local liquor laws to protect your party

There is nothing as bad as being asked to stop a party earlier than planned. To ensure that your party goes as long as you want you should comply with the liquor laws in your area. Before you rent the glass and stemware first go to the local government offices and get a permit that allows you to serve alcohol. Another way of going about it is hiring a state-licensed bartender. The licensed servers usually have a permit from the state’s liquor control board; therefore, you don’t have to get another.

Serve beer in your party—not keg

There has been a notion that keg is much cheaper than beer but this isn’t always the case. According to experts, you will save a few dollars (about $30-$40) but you have to take a number of trips to the beer store in order to get the keg. Your guests will also have to do a lot of pumping in order to get the alcohol. When some keg is leftover, you have to pour it down the drain as you can’t store it. To avoid the hustle that comes with a keg, you should go for the beers. While beer will be a little bit expensive, you will save your guests a lot of pumping. Beers are also decent to drink. When there are leftovers, you can store them in the fridge for later.

Have enough ice for the party guests

As long as you are having a bar service you need to have ice for the guests. It’s recommended that you have 3 pounds of ice for every guest. While the amount might seem too much, remember that you need make cocktails, martinis, and shaking up shots. You can get the ice from your fridge but if you are expecting too many guests you should rent an ice maker from party rentals in your area. To make it easy for the guests to access the ice it’s always wise that you also rent coolers from the party rental companies.


A bar service makes a party more fun but you need to be in control of it. As rule of thumb, you should never serve beer to an underage.


Buffet And Bar Service: Why You Should Choose Buffet Catering Service


Are you planning a big event? When it comes to food serving you should go with the buffet catering service. The service comes with a number of benefits.

Benefits of buffet catering service

More options: unlike the plated catering where the guests can only choose one main dish, with the buffet serving the guest have more options to go with. For example, guests can choose three or more main dishes of the foods they like. This results to less food consumption and less wastage as no guest is stuck with food they don’t enjoy.

More interaction: with the plated food service the guests sit on the table and wait to be served. On the other hand with the buffet service the guests move around looking for their favorite foods. When moving they speak with each other and socialize. This creates a warm social vibe that makes the event more fun.

Easy to plan: you have to hire buffet catering equipment from a rental company. These companies come with a team of well trained professionals who can help you in planning the event. The professionals will help you will cooking, choosing the right location and even decorating the event.

Guide on how to make the buffet service

For the event to be a success you need to do a number of things:

Hire enough items: to ensure that you serve all the guests at the right time you should have enough plates, buffet tables and everything else. You can get all this from a party rental company at a low price. As rule of thumb you should rent enough items.

Serve for 20 people: to avoid long lines on the party table, you should design the table in such a way that it holds food for only 20 people. For ideal results you should ensure that people move in both directions.

Avoid confusion: studies have shown that a lot of time is lost looking for silverware and napkins. To avoid this confusion you should put everything on the same table.


It’s not only cheaper to set a buffet table, you are also able serve the guests within a short time. To make the work easier you should hire a party organizer to help you with the planning. You should also hire a reputable party rental company that will supply you with high quality party items.

Table Decorating Ideas for Parties

party rentals

Decorating table for parties beautifully contributes a lot to the success of any party. For any type of party, table decorations play a significant role in the overall appearance of the environment. Use fun event décor ideas for theme parties to add a great deal of personality to the event. Make sure to focus on the table décor to give the best set-up to your party.

Table Coverings

Fine cloth linen demonstrates a comfortable sense of class and style to cover every table. Linen and décor for weddings add a rich appeal to the event. Table runners can be added across the round tables and colorful or designed covering can be used for theme parties. There are many different types of table coverings available at party rentals with images imprinted and can be used for various purposes. Bright and chic colors may be used to add flair to a casual event and enhance the overall look of the venue in a tremendous way. You can also rent table covers, runners and overlays from party supplies store.

Decorative Centerpieces

The use of different types of decorative pieces and floral arrangements helps to enhance the look of any event. The different items can be used for centerpieces according to the theme rather than just using standard flower centerpieces. Be innovative and choose items according to the theme. Even casual events can be made interesting by using fun bowls of candy or coffee beans. Candles are also a good way to decorate the table and make everything look appealing.

Table Settings

Fine porcelain or China with silverware set on folded cloth napkins adds a polished touch to the entire table decorations. This makes your party more cultured. Parties with a theme have plates and napkins according to the colors and designs used in the table arrangements and coverings. The casual party can be planned with simple coffee mugs and plate settings appropriate for the buffet and bar service. Such parties also use brighter colors for place setting pieces and co-ordinates best with rest of the table décor. Overall, giving final touches helps to seal the decorations and create best table settings to make it really special for everyone.

So, discuss with other production members to gain insight into decoration and production and staging rentals. Event planners always have visual images of what they’re planning to achieve or certain moods aiming to evoke. Make sure to make some efforts and collect some pictures of similar events online and share them with other production members to get a perfect setting as you desire.

Important Aspects of Catering Rentals

party rentalsCaterers provide food for events such as weddings, corporate parties and other small or big functions. But unlike restaurants with luxury to prepare and serve at their own facility, caterers not only prepare food but transport it and present at the venue. This reason requires them to have a bevy of caterer’s equipments with wide range of simple utensils to complex cooking and serving utensils and offer them as caterers equipment rentals. They can serve food to 500 people in a banquet hall or small box lunches to a small business meeting. Most of the caterers are ready to adapt to their clients’ needs in different ways. They adjust for menus and offer equipments for party rentals.

Catering Tools and Equipment

Chafing Dishes
Caterers often prepare food offer utensils to keep food warm with service and chafing dishes rentals. These equipments run either on electricity or canned heat placed underneath the equipment. These dishes are available in round, rectangular and oval shapes.
Serving Trays
Caterers also use serving trays. These trays are available in range of material from plastic, stainless steel to rubber in various sizes. These trays are useful to serve guests all types of food.
Coffee Makers
The professional coffee makers help caterers to make and store dozen cups of coffee. These vending machines are portable enough to move from one place to another.

Allocate a budget for catering

It is wise to allocate a budget for catering and plan everything according to it. Catering costs sometimes break the bank in the absence of a good plan. So, ensure to set a realistic budget for your catering needs.

  • Figure out the source of funds to meet the catering budget. Get an accurate and timely estimate of head count. Most of the caterers price their services per person and an accurate estimate helps to know the amount that you should set aside. Find out well in time your need for other party supplies and what needs can be fulfilled by your caterer.
  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions in your contract. Reception venues and wedding caterers sneak in charges for things that can escalate your budget like linen and décor for wedding, cutlery and cleanup.
    Also, decide menu for buffet and bar service and how you would like to serve. A seated dinner costs more than a buffet service and check out the difference per person to make a decision.
  • Always allow room in your budget for alcohol as your guests might end up consuming more than your expectations. Also, inquire for any charges for corkage fee or whether they will provide a licensed bartender or not.