Party Rentals: 4 Factors To Consider When Putting Together A Party


If you have never organized a party before, there are plenty of factors that you need to consider. Some of these factors include:

Comfort of the guests

Where will the guests stay? This should be the first thing that you should think about. You can have the party outdoors or indoors. If having your party outdoors, you should rent a party tent from your local party tent rentals. You should also consider the party tables and chairs that you will use. To make it possible for people to socialize you should use round tables. If you want the guests to sit together, you should get rectangular tables. For a great look, ensure that the tables, tents, and party chairs match the party theme.

Party Decorations

Party decorations are essential in making your party memorable. All you need to do is choose colors that accentuate the look of your party. To create a snowy feel, you should go for soft pastel and purple colors. If having your party outdoors, go for bright, bold colors that give your party a fresh feeling. When you are putting together an official party, you should go for silver, black, or white themed party.

Party food and drink

I have mentioned on this blog numerously that no party is complete without food and beverages. You can order the food from your favorite restaurant or hire the cooking supplies from kitchen rentals and prepare your food. There are two ways in which you can serve the food: buffet or sit down service. Whichever style you choose, ensure that you provide enough cutleries. If you don’t own plenty of the cutleries, you should rent them from the local cutlery rentals.

Party entertainment

Just as the party is incomplete without food and drinks, it’s also incomplete without entertainment. The form of entertainment that you provide depends on the type of guests that you have. If plenty of children will be present, you should get magicians and children party entertainers to entertain the children. If on the other hand, you have plenty of young people attending the party, get a DJ to play the current music.

Young people love dancing; therefore, you should install a dance floor that you can rent from your local staging and dance floor rentals in your area. As rule of thumb, ensure that the dance floor is sturdy and large enough. If you are having a formal party, you should play smooth music that creates the right ambiance.

Party Rentals: Tips To Consider When Planning An Event

Party rentals

We all love parties. In addition to eating our favorite foods, parties also allow us to interact with interesting people. It’s fun attending a party but there is no fun when you are the one putting it together. Whether it’s a wedding party or any other event you need to consider a number of tips for you to have an easy time planning it. Here are some of the tips:

Tips to consider when planning a party

Have a party budget: A budget guides you on the type of party supplies that you get for your party. The budget also helps you to stay within your means. When you make the decision to throw the party you should sit down and come up with a budget of the amount of money that you are willing to spend. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have a budget that will strain your finances.

Work with professionals: You need professionals in different stages of the party planning process. You need a professional when renting from rentals companies, when decorating and even when serving food to the guests. To increase the chances of your party being a success you should work with experts in the different areas. When you are renting, ensure that you rent from experts that will guide you on the right units to go for. The experts should also help you with the setup of the rented units. You should also involve the experts when preparing the meals. Since the professionals love what they do, they will give their all thus make your event a big success.

Have a backup plan: Many things can go wrong during an event. Things are more likely to go wrong when you are having an outdoor event where it can start raining or become too windy. To avoid these inconveniences you should have a backup plan. You can have a party tent or another party venue in place. The backup plan ensures that the party continues as planned despite the occurrence of an unprecedented event.

Start early: Experts recommend that you start the party planning at least 3 months before the party day. This way you have ample time to research the best party rental company to rent your units from, the best party venue, and many other things.


These are the tips to consider when you are planning an event. When working with party rentals, ensure that you work with reputable ones that will not only rent you high-quality units but also provide you with party planning advice.

3 Tips To Consider When Renting From Chairs rentals

Chairs rentals

When you are planning a party one of the questions to ask yourself is whether the venue you have chosen provides chairs. If the venue doesn’t provide the units, you have no other way out other than to rent them from your local chairs rentals. For you to have a great time renting you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Go for chair rentals offering the best deals

This is the very first step you should take when searching for a company to rent from. You should ask the company for the quotes, the number of chairs they are going to provide, their sizes, shape, and colors. In addition to going with a company renting high-quality chairs at low cost, the company should also offer additional services. For example, the rental company should provide free transport services.

Consider the theme of the event

Currently, almost every party has a theme. When renting the party chairs you should ensure that you rent those that compliment the event theme. If having a formal theme, you should go with comfortable high-quality chairs. On the other hand, if having a beach theme, you should go with simple, wooden chairs. Most of the rental companies stock chairs of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Some of the ones that you can choose from include: Chiavari, wood, folding and banquet chairs. You should go with those that compliment your party theme.

Have someone take responsibility for the party chairs

When you are organizing a party it’s common to be carried away and forget everything about the party chairs. You should ask your friend or event planner to take responsibility for the chairs. The person should ensure that the chairs delivered are the ones that you had agreed on.  Once the party is over, the person that you appoint should count the chairs and ensure that they are all there. He/she should also inspect the quality of the chairs. Most party rental companies require that you replace any chair that gets damaged or lost in your party; therefore, it’s good to protect yourself by having some time to take care of them.


You need to consider a number of factors for you to rent the right party chairs. To have an easy time you should work with a reputable party supplies company that not only rents you the chairs but also guides you on how to decorate them.

Guide To Renting Party Tents

When having an outdoor event, outdoor gazebos are your best friend. The tents protect your guest from the harsh weather elements thus ensuring that they are comfortable.

Factors to consider when renting party tents

For you to rent the right tents you need to consider a number of factors that include:

The weather condition: The first thing you have to consider is the weather condition in your area. If having your event during the rainy days you should ask the rental company to install gutters within the tents to drain the water. When having the event during the windy days, you should get sidewalls for the tents that will ensure that the guests are as comfortable as possible.

The number of guests attending the event: One of the questions that a tent rental expert will ask you is the number of guests that you expect in the event. Tents come in different sizes and it’s up to you to choose the right ones for your party. The most common tent is the 20 X 20 tent. It can hold up to 67 people standing, 45 seated people, and roughly 35 people when using banquet tables. To avoid wastage of space and money you should avoid renting a tent that is too big for your event.

The type of tent that you need: Just as there are many sizes of tents, there are equally many types of tents that you can go for. The most common are:

Frame Tents: Frame tents are the most popular types of tents and they are preferred by many people as they are versatile. You can use them on concrete, grass, and sand.

Pole Tents: Pole tents get their name from the tall poles positioned in the center of the tent. The positioning of the poles creates distinct high peaks that give the tents an elegant look. When installing the tents ensure that you install them on firm ground.

Clearspan Tents: These are one of the largest tents that you will come across in your local tent rentals. Since they are large they are ideal for large events such as large weddings. They are made from lightweight aluminum which makes them durable.  Due to their size, they are complex to install thus you should hire a professional to help you out.


You need a tent when having any outdoor event. To have a great experience, ensure that you rent high-quality tents from reputable party rentals.

Party Rentals: Guide On How To Put Together A Great Outdoor Event

party rentals

An outdoor event comes with many benefits such as the ability to enjoy the beautiful weather while getting things done. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money decorating the event venue as there are flowers, trees, and other beautiful things to marvel at. For you to put together a great outdoor event you need to consider these tips:

Ensure that the party chairs are in place

Unless you are having a cocktail party or any other party where the guests will be standing the entire day, you need to have party chairs in place.  All you need to do is visit your local chair rentals and rent units that will look great on your venue. As rule of thumb ensure that the chairs compliment the theme of the event.

Play good music at the outdoor event

At an indoor event, it’s possible for the guests to interact with each other without the need of music but this isn’t the case with an outdoor event. An outdoor event will feel stale without music. The music that you play solely depends on the type of party that you are having and the guests present. If having a teenager’s party, you should play loud music but if having mature people present, play soft music.

To give the guests a much fun as possible, it’s wise that you have a dance floor in place. The cool thing is that there are plenty of production and staging rental companies that you can rent the dance floor from. Make sure that the dance floor is easy to install and matches the party theme.

Rent a party tent

Unless you are absolutely sure that the weather will be great, it’s important that you rent a tent from your local party tent rentals. Party tents come in different sizes, colors, and designs. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. The shelters will protect you from the harsh sun, rain and any other weather elements that might try to interrupt your party.  The tents also come in handy when marking the areas that the guest should focus on.


These are the tips that you need to pay attention to when putting together an outdoor event. If you don’t have time to put together a great event, consider hiring an expert from your local party rentals. The professional should be experienced and of good reputation.

5 Wedding Event Décor Ideas

event decor ideas

Nobody wants the wedding reception site to look plain and bare. Unfortunately, premium wedding decorations can cost you a lot of money which most of us don’t have. The cool thing is that there are a number of cheap event decor ideas that you can go with. Here are some of the decoration ideas that you can go with:

Decorate the wedding venue with wedding Bouquets

One excellent decorating idea is to use wedding bouquets for table decorations.  All you need to do is place the wedding bouquets on the wedding table. For ideal results ensure that the bouquets match the wedding theme. For an interesting look, go with bouquets that are similar to those being carried by the bridesmaids. You can buy the bouquets or rent them from party rentals.

Use fruit bowls for wedding decoration

To decorate your wedding with fruits you should get fruits that are brightly colored and place them in bowls at the center of guest tables. In addition to  looking great, bouquets also serve as excellent appetizers. Great fruits to go for are: limes, lemons, and oranges. To give them an interesting look cut them into wedges and fill them in a tall vase.

Make use of lights as wedding venue decorations

You can use the lights near the dance floor, in greenery, plants, near tables for extra lighting, and in any other place that you want. All you need to do is be creative in how you place them.  You can get the rights from neighbors, relatives, and friends. Wedding rentals also stock good quality lights that you can rent at a small fee.

Decorate the wedding venue with party portraits

Here you need to put framed photos of you as a couple on the guest tables. The photos give the guests something to talk about. You also save money as all you need to do is create the photos. For a great look, use a different portrait in each wedding table. As rule of thumb, ensure that the portraits match the wedding theme. If the theme is formal, go with formally framed portraits and so on.

Use  Candles as wedding decorations

Candles are probably the easiest way of adding mood to the wedding venue. Candles  give an aromatic frame that is pleasing to look at.  You can place the candles on the tables or hang them on the walls. When using them be cautious that you don’t start a fire. When renting the candle holders or any other party supplies rent from a reputable company.

Wedding Party Supplies: Ways Of Serving Wedding Food


Food is an important part of any wedding. The cool thing is that there are many ways of serving food. Here are some of the ways of doing so:

Plated wedding party service

It’s the most formal style of serving food and ideal when you are having an elegant black tie party. To ensure that you prepare the right meals for everyone, ask the guests to let you know their meal choices before the wedding. Since you know the exact number of people that will be attending the party, you to rent the right number of serving and chafing dishes.

While this style is great as it ensures that everyone eats what he/she wants, it takes time as you have to serve every course separately to each guest. If you have many guests, it’s impossible for your friends and relatives to help you out. You have to hire extra labor from the wedding rentals.

Buffet wedding party service

The buffet style is an informal style that provides a relaxed atmosphere for your guests. You provide a large number of different foods for the guests to choose from. The guests also choose the portions that they want to eat. This style is ideal when you are having an informal backyard wedding. Since you don’t need a waitstaff, it’s cheap to organize a buffet style. While this style is great, it can be problematic when you have guests that don’t like being “called up” to peruse the buffet. The style is also not ideal when you are having a formal wedding.

Homestyle wedding party service

This style resembles the buffet style but the guests sit at different tables and provide a given amount of food at each table. Unlike the buffet style, here you need to prepare more food. You also need a few more people to help you serve the guests. Since the food and plates have to be passed around, the guests have an opportunity to interact and enjoy each other’s company.

When you are planning the seating arrangements you need to be careful and ensure that you don’t place people that don’t get along on the same table. Also, ensure that you have enough serving dishes for all the tables.


These are some of the different ways of serving food in a wedding. For ideal results ensure that you work with reputable party rentals that will not only provide you with high-quality party supplies but also provide you with experienced professionals.

5 Must-Have Wedding Party Supplies

If having a wedding there are plenty of wedding party supplies that you need to have for your event to be a success. Here are a few of the supplies that you need:

Wedding party photo booth

This is where you and the guests take photos. There are two types of photo booths that you can go with: open or closed. If having a casual party you can go with the open configuration, but if having a formal event, go with the closed photo booth. The booths come in different sizes and designs thus you have many options to choose from. For ideal results, go with a design that complements the wedding theme. If having the event indoors, take the measurements of the doors to ensure that the booths are able to go through.

Party cooling and heating supplies

To ensure that the guests are comfortable you need to ensure that the air is clean and at the right temperature. If having the wedding party during summer, have an air conditioner or fans to cool the air. If having the event during winter, have heating appliances in place. The cool thing is that you don’t have to part with large amounts of money to get these units. Most of the party rentals will rent you the units at a small fee if you rent the other items from them.

Party lighting

To light up your venue and also decorate it, you need to install lights. There are plenty of lighting options that you can go with. You can go with: pendant lamps, vintage chandeliers, and Moroccan lamps. For a great look, go with lights that complement the look of your party.

Glass and stemware

If having a formal wedding party you need to have the right glasses for the drinks. You need to have bar glasses, champagne flutes, red and white wine glasses, soft drink glasses, water glasses and beer mugs. For dessert servings, you should have martini glasses and glassware for your signature cocktails. Just like with the other units, ensure that the glass and stemware match the wedding theme.

Party tents

If having the event outdoors you need to have party tents. There are many types and sizes of tents that you can go with. All you have to do is ensure that the tents complement your wedding theme.  For a great look, the tents should be professionally installed and decorated.

3 Must Have Wedding Party Supplies

wedding party supplies

If having a wedding, there are some wedding party supplies that you should have.  They include:

Party tents

If having an outdoor wedding, you should have party tents. The cool thing is that with the coming of party rental companies you don’t need to buy them—you simply rent them. To create a great experience, ensure that the rental tent is big enough for your guests. If having a themed wedding, ensure that the tent fits the theme.

There are many types of wedding tents that you can go for. If you are having the party on a calm day, you should go for a tent with removable sides. In addition to this tent allowing plenty of light and air into the tent, it also provides your guests with enough space to move around. When renting the tents come with the tent sides with you so that you can put them back when the weather gets worse. If the weather is awful, rent a fully covered tent. The tent won’t have plenty of room, but it will protect your guests from harsh environmental conditions such as harsh wind, rain, and sun.

Party tables and chairs

There is no way you can have a wedding without party tables and chairs. Just like when renting the party tent, ensure that the chair and tables compliment the theme of the wedding. If having a long ceremony, ensure that the chairs are comfortable so that the guest don’t get too tired while sitting. Due to their nature of being moved from one place to the other, it’s common for the chairs to get weak with time.

Almost all party rental companies require that you replace any seat that you break. To avoid this, take your time inspecting the units before hiring. Before you sign the contract ensure that all the seats are in perfect condition. The same thing applies to the party tables. Different themes go well with different types of tables. You can go with square, rectangle or even round party tables. It’s up to you to choose the right one for your wedding party.

Kitchen rentals

To save money and have fresh, tasteful food, it’s recommended that you prepare your food at the wedding venue. To make it possible, have kitchen equipment. The items that you should have include: cookers, cooking pans, plates, spoons, forks and others. For the kitchen supplies to be of high-quality rent them from reputable kitchen rentals.

Wedding Party Supplies: 3 Wedding Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

wedding party suppliesA wedding day is one of the happiest days in the lives of many people. To make it memorable you need to ensure that everything is perfect. From the wedding party supplies to the wedding MC everything should be on point. For perfect results, here are wedding mistakes you should avoid making:

Choosing the wrong wedding location

The location of your wedding determines the mood of the wedding. There are many places where you can have your wedding: You can have it on a beach, farm, vineyard, or in a church. When choosing the wedding location, ensure that the location is comfortable for you and the guests. If you are having the wedding on the beach you wouldn’t choose a location that is too windy such that your dress keeps on blowing away. You also wouldn’t choose a location where water keeps on wetting the guests. For a great experience choose a location that is comfortable for all. As rule of thumb it should be quiet and private.

Having inadequate shade

Whether having your wedding during summer or winter you need to provide shade for your guests. If having an outdoor wedding you should install a wedding tent that will protect the guests from rain or sun. Unlike before when you had to purchase a tent, nowadays you only need to rent it from wedding tent rentals. When renting the tent, ensure that it’s large enough for all your guests.

Even if you are having the wedding in a church or any other indoor venue, your guests will be drawn outdoors especially during summer. To keep them comfortable, provide them with outdoor shelter. Consider installing small tents outside the church. You can also place chairs under trees.

Working with the wrong rental company

For you to pull off a beautiful wedding ceremony and party you need the services of party rentals. The rental companies will provide you with all the party supplies you need to make the event a success. There are some companies that have professional MCs to lead the event. While there are many companies that you can go with, no two companies are the same. Before you sign a contract with a given company take your time to research the quality of the products that the company has. As rule of thumb go with a company stocking the highest quality products. To have an easy time, hire a rental company that will also plan the event for you.